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There are many different ways to market your brand online, but it takes of lot of ingenuity to get noticed.

Tania Semper, who runs the Montreal-based style guide, decided to take matters into her own hands and stage her own photoshoots and “style events” to promote her luxury concierge services.

These gorgeous images, from a series called Alice in Sugarland, show what she’s capable of.

Partnering with Liya Amar from the luxurious Israeli lingerie label La Lilouche, eFashionista staged a super-sweet photoshoot inside the new Montreal cake shop Gateaulogie. The photos are meant to help launch both the high-end bakery and eFashionista’s upcoming online shop, which will include the elaborate ‘fascinators’ (ie. headbands) seen here.

Tania, 30, has been working on eFashionista for over two years, but it’s been her series of signature photoshoots, videos and events — including a high-fashion afternoon tea — that have brought her the most attention. And, judging by the look of the photos, the most fun, too.

eFashionista promotes itself as an online Rolodex for the “everyday princess”, helping connect women with unique products, shops and services that cater to discriminating tastes.

“Being an ‘everyday princess’ myself, I knew early on that I would one day own a company that would allow me to work with nothing but the best professionals, use the most unique products, meet wonderful people and do what I love, every single day,” Tania told us.

Her unique approach sometimes means it’s not immediately clear what, if anything, is being marketed. A good example is an earlier photoshoot that eFashionista did called “A Day in the Life of an Everyday Princess“. It featured lingerie from La Lilouche (above) plus the unmistakable ruffles and bows of Toad Lillie (below), set in one of Mimi & Coco‘s high-end Montreal boutiques. If you’re given to occasional bouts of self-indulgence, you’ll want everything you see here.

Here’s the rest of the Alice in Sugarland series below; a companion video will be available tomorrow on eFashionista’s site and Facebook page.

Just remember, too many of those tempting cupcakes might spoil the flattering effects of all those gorgeous garments!

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