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Steve Jobs Changed Fashion Shoots, Too
Posted by richard | October 9, 2011

Russell James, the celebrity fashion photographer, added this tribute to Steve Jobs over the weekend, showing how the former Apple CEO changed the way model shoots are done.

James posted three images on his Facebook page that offer a behind-the-scenes look at a recent Victoria’s Secret photoshoot, and how Apple products became surprisingly indispensable parts of the process.

“As I look around my shoot,” he writes, “it’s very apparent he was a game changer, even in our niche world of photography.”

“When Steve Jobs told us he would reinvent the phone what we didn’t understand was that he would reinvent the way we archive, share, listen and see,” Russell says, offering the photo above of Adriana Lima as an example. “Iphones are synchronized with my camera from the first moment of my shoot. Anyone from makeup artist to stylist to set designer can take out their iphone and see exactly what they need to. He put the shoot right in our pockets.”

The launch last year of the iPad presented Russell and other gadget-hounds with a new dilemma, he adds.

“When Steve Jobs announced the iPad I remembered all of us on set saying ‘But if I have a macbook and I have an iphone why would I need that thing?’. He nailed it again. One tryout and it became the way we previewed images on set, shared concepts and edited our shots. Once again he knew what we wanted before we did.”

A nice shout-out to Steve and Apple and another example of why all this week’s testimonials were so well deserved.

You can see Russell’s album ‘Steve Jobs – Contemplating The Loss’ here. While you’re there, take the time to look at the work Russell is doing with Nomad Two Worlds, and let’s all remember to support the good guys while they’re still with us.

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