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So much lingerie marketing focuses on the products themselves that it’s easy to forget the real payoff is what’s underneath.

But that’s certainly not a problem for the L.A.-via-Copenhagen label Forrest and Bob, whose new promo film is so over-the-top, outrageously soft-core it could run on the Playboy channel. (Warning to office workers: this is VERY NSFW!)

The five-minute film from the Scandinavian bad boys is called “The Fallen“, and features half a dozen lithe models disrobing and, ahem, getting it on in a hotel room sans male company. It’s unclear whether the title refers to the models’ morals or the lingerie that piles up on the floor around them as they peel it off.

More audacious than original, The Fallen is also infinitely bolder than anything being done in lingerie marketing today, and seems to make the point: this is what sexy lingerie is really all about.

The Fallen is already an Internet hit, with 100,000 online views in the two weeks since its release (that’s what happens when you post videos of naked women to YouTube and Vimeo). It’s also bound to generate controversy among people who prefer their undergarments packaged more delicately — which is precisely the point.

F&B launched in Denmark three years ago, with the stated goal of sexing up the fashion lingerie market — something they’ve done with both their slinky see-through garments and their NSFW advertising. Last winter’s video and print campaign focused on adultery, with the catch phrase “Strive to be naughty.”

The new film is also meant to promote F&B’s new lingerie collection, although if you blink you’ll miss most of the new pieces before they hit the floor.

The Fallen falls somewhere in the arty end of the porn spectrum and in any other context would probably go unnoticed (but still generate tons of YouTube views). What sets it apart, though, is that it’s being used to sell lingerie to women, not fantasies to men.

But the question lingers: Is this cutting-edge marketing that simply skips the preliminaries and cuts to the chase, or is Forrest and Bob just using the dependable lure of soft-core porn to build brand recognition? Either way, it’s working.

Here’s the video:

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