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The new film project from UK lingerie label Damaris answers a question that has troubled many women: with all the super-sheer and barely-there erotic lingerie on the market these days, where’s a girl gonna hide her gun?

If you think that’s a frivolous query, then you’re obviously not a super-sexy secret agent femme fatale, like the central figure in Packing Heat, the somewhat surreal spy fantasy film from Damaris and director Johnny Green.

Packing Heat debuted recently at London Fashion Week and features the SS2012 collection from the luxury intimates brand. It’s also a showcase for edgy model/actress Liberty Ross, who gets to fire all kinds of weaponry whose bullets explode in bright bursts of color.

It’s a surprising twist on a familiar storyline, and it neatly introduces the big directional theme in Damaris’ 2012 collection — bright, eye-popping color.

And the film’s payoff? After her barrage of gunplay, Liberty neatly slips her pistol down her backside — so now you know what that peek-a-boo cutout in Damaris’ lingerie is for.

Packing Heat follows the 2010 Damaris film Chore, another widely admired concept film that won a Fashion Film Award. Don’t be surprised if Packing Heat does the same.

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