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The Kardashians’ Garish Lingerie Set
Posted by richard | September 5, 2011

Is there anything those Kardashian girls can’t do?

They’ve already taken Miami and New York, conquered reality television and earned honorary MVP status in two pro sports league.

Now, the superstar style icons and celebritweeters have set their sights on middle America, with a clothing line for Sears that includes an extensive lingerie collection.

And what’s it like? Expect the same kind of glam-trash mishmash that distinguishes all of the K-girls’ signature endorsements and daily tabloid photo-ops. None of it is very attractive, but almost everything is loud; I guess sometimes a girl just wants to be noticed.

Not surprisingly, the Kardashian Kollection had barely reached store shelves last month before Sears was forced to yank a piece from the handbag range after allegations that it included a knock-off version of a Monica Botkier bag.

I say “not surprisingly” because everything in the K Kollection looks like it was cribbed from any number of designer labels. There’s no real style here and no design signature; just a lot of attention-grabbing one-offs that look like they were chosen by someone who is perpetually blinded by paparazzi flashbulbs. The lingerie collection, in particular, looks like it was plucked straight from the remainders bin at Victoria’s Secret. See for yourself:

Critics often ask what the Kardashians have done to earn their celebrity and what talent, if any, they possess. The answer: they are professional endorsers, nothing more.

Sears — which has already begun discounting the entire line — will capitalize briefly on the K-girls’ dubious appeal, before the Kardashian name undoubtedly shows up on competing brands. Oh well, more work for publicists!

There are, of course, some pieces from Sears collection worth considering (especially since everything is fairly inexpensive). We liked the in-your-face jersey animal-print jumper in the womenswear collection (below), which is perfect for prowling South Beach restos. Try to cross a hotel lobby in this number and someone is bound to mistake you — momentarily — for one of the K-Klan.

Which, I suppose, is the whole point.

Photos: Annie Leibovitz/Sears

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