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Gisele’s Subtle Brazilian Debut
Posted by amy | August 24, 2011

It stands to reason that when the world’s leading supermodel decides to put her name on a fashion line, it’ll be something special.

And that certainly seems to be the case with with Gisele Bündchen‘s Brazilian Intimates, the leggy beauty’s collaboration with Hope Lingerie that was announced in May.

These are the first campaign images from Gisele’s debut collection, Burlesque, which is now available at the label’s online shop.

It’s a very modern collection and a surprisingly understated one considering its competition in the racy Brazilian market. Of course, when you’re Gisele Bündchen, you want all eyes on the body, not the decorations.

That being said, Burlesque is still a stylish and sometimes glamorous range. Gisele mixes lace, silk satin and mesh in some very flattering, fit-conscious silhouettes. The ornamentation is very subtle, with one exception — the tiny gold “GB” metal token that comes with some of the lines structured bras and hip-baring thongs. You can see it in the smart, strappy bra on in the right photo.

The color palette is also understated — black, a very pale pink and the dramatic red seen here — although there’s also a nice leopard print range. It’s worth pointing out that, if you’re going to launch a luxury fashion line in Brazil that uses a jungle animal motif, you’d better do a good job on the print — and Gisele’s leopard print is one of the most authentic we’ve seen. Perfect camouflage for your next rainforest romp!

At this point, GB Brazilian Intimates appears aimed strictly at the South American consumer, but given Gisele’s massive following it can’t be long before some smart boutique owners bring it to the U.S. market as well.

Here are some more images from the Burlesque campaign. The third shot features the lace-and-satin hot pants which, for my money, are infinitely hotter than the skimpiest Brazilian thongs on the market!

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