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Mint Siren Heads Deeper Into the Woods
Posted by richard | June 16, 2011

Remember when lingerie referred to foundation pieces and the few frilly bits that you brought out for special occasions? Well, look again, ladies: the world of fashion lingerie is exploding with creativity as directional labels play with new styles, fabrics and visions of what undergarments are really all about.

The latest case in point is the cutting-edge UK label Mint Siren, whose forthcoming fall collection includes leather cuffs, body jewelry and a human hair accessory. Oh, and what would any well-stocked lingerie drawer be without … a lucky rabbit’s foot?

This is all going to take some time to sink in, and for now we have only these preview images to consider. The new Mint Siren collection will begin to reach shops in September, which should give you plenty of time to wrap your head around such a startlingly original set.

Mint Siren is the work of designer Josefine Wing, who is passionate about innovation and is at the forefront of a movement to create a distinctively British fashion lingerie aesthetic. Her recent spring collection married soft ecru lingerie pieces with dramatic black harnesses — yes, an undies set that illustrated the endless tension between nature and industry, and between our animal and mechanical selves.

For fall, Mint Siren heads deeper into the woods — literally — with a black-and-brown collection filled with unexpected fabrics and, for the adventurous, some shocking add-ons.

Although these images only begin to tell the story, the collection is comprised of three different layers, the company says, “like a hunter dressed to spend a full day in the cold woods.” (In their skivvies?)

There’s a soft silk jersey range (top right) called Conifer that features some sexy see-through panels, and a second range called Cervidae (top left) that includes warmer wooly knits with suede patches. It’s meant to serve as loungewear or even outerwear pieces for winter layering.

The most striking part of the new collection, though, is the new harnesses collection called Capriole. In a woodsy tan shade this time, the new Mint Siren harnesses are sleeker and more lightweight and will lend themselves to many different style applications. Or for an even more fashion-forward look, try the Carm silver chain harness (bottom left).

And finally, if you still haven’t made enough of an impression, this ought to do the trick: a wavy chestnut human-hair clip-on accessory and, just for luck, a distinctive rabbit’s foot charm. Jewelry designer and new Mint Siren collaborator Susanne Hjalte includes the lucky charm as optional add-ons to a silver necklace and bracelet that are part of the new collection.

Is there really a place for hair weaves and lucky charms in the lingerie market? Don’t bet against it. In fact, I’m starting a pool to see who will be the first celebrity to walk a red carpet in a Mint Siren leather-and-hair harness … in place of a bra!

After all, this is the same designer who last season offered a set of silk chiffon knickers matched with a fringed, suede poncho (above). And if these preview shots are any indication, this will be another boundary-pushing, style-setting collection from a label that is helping to redefine fashion lingerie before our eyes.

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