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Sarda’s Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Posted by amy | June 13, 2011

The Spanish celebrity Rossy de Palma isn’t well known over here, but in Europe she’s an iconic figure, an actress with a punk attitude and a dramatic appearance that has made her a fixture on the fashion scene.

She famously starred in Pedro Almodovar‘s riotous early films, but she’s also modeled for Gaultier, Leboutin and Mugler, has her own perfume brand in France, and recently launched a singing career.

Still, when Spanish lingerie and swimwear brand Andrés Sard&#225 announced earlier this year that it was undertaking a collaboration with the striking Rossy, who knew where that might lead?

The stunning embossed lycra and mesh bodysuit shown above is just part of the answer. It’s part of a capsule collection of sheer minimalist pieces designed by Rossy that Sarda will release with its AW2011 collection.

What makes the story even better is Rossy’s inspiration for this masterpiece — the dragon pattern is a replica of the Rossy’s own (and equally famous) bicep tattoo of a Chinese dragon.

Sarda’s recent collections have been shimmery, colorful and filled with dramatic flourishes, so the Rossy collection will stand apart nicely. It will also almost certainly be very hard to find come fall, so get your name on the waiting list now!

And will there be more lingerie designs from Rossy de Palma in the future? No one’s saying, but label head Nuria Sarda (shown below) was beaming at last week’s unveiling of what will be one of the season’s most talked-about collections.

For now, Rossy has one more laurel to add to her unique and diverse resume.

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