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Made By Niki’s Wicked ‘String Thing’
Posted by richard | June 9, 2011

It’s impossible to understand the genius of Made By Niki‘s new String bodysuit until you hold it in your hands, watch the light glint off its shimmering strands, and feel it slip between your fingers like a soft, sexy Slinky.

It’s a remarkable piece of engineering and design, a triumph in both concept and execution, and it may be the most original undergarment to reach the market since Bordelle started making knickers out of leather belts a few years ago.

And, like so much of what creator Niki McMorrough does, it points to a future in which forward-thinking designers seize upon advances in synthetic stretch fabrics and manufacturing techniques to produce pieces no one would have dreamed of a decade ago.

In fact, Niki’s String collection is so new (it will begin to reach stores today), a lot of people will ask: “What the hell is this, and how do I wear it?”

The collection is based on the combination of shiny two-tone fringe fabric, velvet straps, quick-release clips, and a semi-sheer ‘modesty’ liner in key areas to ensure you don’t get arrested.

The fringes drape beautifully and effortlessly along body contours and — here’s the best part — make your skin tingle.

Pieces in the String collection include the bodysuit (above), a triangle bra, a suspender belt, a pencil skirt that hangs from suspender clips (!), and a limited edition set of chaps. Yes, chaps.

There are two colorways: black-and-steel-gray and a coral-stone combo. The color schemes are designed to work with black and nude undies, which will also help keep the cops away.

We first previewed this collection back in February, when we met Niki at the CurveExpo show in New York. She knew then, even before starting production, that she had a hit on her hands.

“Everybody loves the String,” she said. “It’s so fun to wear. It creates a tingling sensation that unleashes your inner animal.”

The question remains, though: how, when and where will her customers wear such attention-grabbing pieces? Depending on which String piece you choose, they can work as a beach coverup, cruisewear or even clubwear — or for some private show-and-tell fun at home.

Interestingly, Made By Niki refers to the collection as “body-adorning accessories” that “herald a kind of new-age burlesque, perfect for the emerging fetish trend.”

In other words, use your imagination.

Now the important stuff: where to get Niki’s String things, and how much to shell out. In the UK, the String launches in Selfridges today. You can also pre-order online through the MBN website.

In the U.S., look for the String sets in at least 7 boutiques: Faire Frou Frou, La Petite Coquette (NYC), Oh Fine Lingerie (New Orleans), Teddies For Bettys (Austin), La Bijou (Seattle), Bloom (Hingham, MA) and Birdies (Kansas City).

There are two versions of the String body, which will retail for about £179-199 ($325 USD). The triangle bra has a retail price of £125 ($200) and the suspended pencil skirt goes for £225 ($370). Prices may vary at individual retailers.

But be warned: Niki and her team make everything themselves, which means production will be limited and these items will fly off the shelves. Get yours before Rihanna and Lady Gaga scoop them all up!

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