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DPT’s Catchy Urban Art Prints
Posted by nadine | June 6, 2011

One doesn’t think of underground or urban art as a likely inspiration for couture lingerie, but the very contemporary UK label Dirty Pretty Things somehow makes it work.

DPT this spring introduced a limited capsule collection featuring the “Life Ain’t Black and White” print by artist/actor/DJ Goldie as the first in a series of urban art collections the label plans for the coming year (we’re crossing our fingers for a Banksy print!).

If you’re looking to boost your rocker-girl cred, DPT’s Goldie set should do the trick. There’s a racerback slip dress (above), a shortie kimono with DPT’s signature fluorescent pink lining, and a matching padded bra and briefs. And if the man in your life still isn’t impressed, tell him this: the original Goldie print is owned by Quentin Tarantino; how’s that for a bedroom conversation starter?

Dirty Pretty Things’ name tells you everything you need to know about their approach to fashion lingerie. Each provocative piece boasts a naughty detail in its decidedly feminine design.

Founders Claire Merry and Dee Murren created their obsessed-over collection of naughty-and-nice lingerie a few years ago. Merry, a former model, partnered with Murren, an industry professional, and both brought unique perspectives to the design table. Merry’s modern leanings met Murren’s love of vintage and Dirty Pretty Things was born.

The resulting line is filled with digitally printed silks and mesh. Photographic effects on fine microfibers and boldly colored fluoro hues comprise the high-fashion second-skin pieces. For their Spring/Summer 2011 collection, DPT’s signature pieces are lightened up with fresh colors and patterns that befit the warmer months.

The Dawn collection sports a perfect-for-spring white digital bird print on silk with black power mesh adding a striking edge to each piece. Pink straps on the suspender dress add a little fun to the sexy number.

The Dusty collection comes in both pink and grey this season. The fluoro silk separates, including a balcony bra with ruched silk straps and delicate bow details, are classically flattering.

Eloise pieces have a geometric appeal. The pink and black contrast of the translucent mesh bodysuit with silk binding is fresh, sexy and uncomplicated.

Vivian separates boast Dirty Little Things’ signature leopard print, but in a spring-approved baby pink. The geometric shapes seen in Eloise appear softer here, thanks to the baby silk binding against the faded digital print.

Lolita is bolder and brighter. Available in pink and blue, a black mesh overlay reveals bright silk underneath.

Dirty Pretty Things is about to launch an updated and improved version of its website to help launch its next collections, so stay tuned! (And if you’re in London, they’ll have a two-day pop-up shop at the Lingerie Collective on June 14-15.)

For U.S. shoppers, convert pounds to dollars and expect to be out almost $300 for the most expensive pieces of provocatively pretty wearable art. If you’re in the mood, check out their collection of erotic toys and gifts.

Images below are from DPT’s Spring-Summer 2011 line, with the bottom photo showing another look at the limited edition Goldie set.

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  1. anna says:

    The line looks ok enough, although we have all seen it elsewhere. The leopard has been done a billion times before. Not sure who will dish out that much money for a new name thats not established either. As for the girls,they couldve used better models. The first one looks amateur.

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