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FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women: We Know What Boys Like
Posted by richard | May 9, 2011

From now on, when magazines release their latest “sexiest women” lists, they should be required to explain their choices.

FHM, the UK lads’ mag, just released its annual readers poll results for the “100 Sexiest Women in the World” but without any attempt to make sense of the results.

British blokes obviously favor celebrities, the skinny-white-busty kind. Victoria’s Secret model and eventual movie star Rosie Huntington-Whitely (above) heads the list, which is top-heavy with pop stars and actresses.

Still, it would be nice if the editors offered some insight into such head-scratchers as why Katy Perry ranks #2 but ScarJo is a paltry #32; or why Taylor Swift (61) beat Christina Hendricks (82) and Emma Watson (23) beat Kate Middleton (39).

How crazy are FHM readers’ tastes? Bubblegum punk Avril Lavigne (74) whipped Charlize Theron (77), Jessica Biel (78) AND Gisele Bundchen (95). Go figure.

It’s also worth noting that only a tiny handful of women of color can be found in the list, including Rihanna at #3. You decide what that says about FHM readers.

From my vantage point, a sexy women isn’t just a skinny white girl in a push-up bra, but then I haven’t been part of FHM’s audience demographic for a few years now.

One of these days, Lingerie Talk will get around to compiling our own highly subjective sexiest celebs list. In the meantime, here’s FHM’s top 10 in the photos below. You can see the full Top 100 list here.

Of course, these lists are becoming increasingly common and mainly exist to give magazines another reason to lure readers with more photos of celebs in lingerie and swimwear. On that point, we can find no fault.

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