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We’ve had a couple of days now to gush over royal wedding fashions and, in particular, The Dress: the beautiful lace-trimmed gown created for the new Duchess of Cambridge by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen.

But there was an even more closely guarded royal wedding secret, the truth of which will likely never be revealed: what Kate was wearing underneath.

While the House of McQueen (and various hat designers) will enjoy an almost immeasurable boost from their association with the royal wedding, couture lingerie labels favored by Kate and company will know no such bounty. The nature of the business, after all, is private and the contents of Kate’s trousseau will, quite appropriately, remain a secret known only to the royal couple and their closest helpers.

One UK lingerie boutique, however, will enjoy a lot of attention and new business thanks to their brush with royalty.

According to Britain’s Daily Mail, part of Kate’s wedding prep included a trip to Angela Knight Lingerie in the Berkshire town of Hungerford along with her mother Carole and sister Pippa.

According to the paper’s report: “The trio had a private fitting in Angela Knight Lingerie on April 16, while two protection officers waited outside. Miss Knight, who owns the business, refused to disclose the exact items bought by the bride, but revealed she, Carole and Pippa bought ‘sets of lingerie.’

“When asked if their purchases may have been part of the trousseau — the set of clothes a bride-to-be buys for her wedding day and married life — Miss Knight laughed coyly. But last week, a package labeled with the shop’s name was delivered to the Middletons’ home 16 miles away in Bucklebury.”

Carole Middleton has been a customer of Knight’s for several years, and the shop was closed for privacy when the Middleton girls arrived.

Although Knight herself isn’t providing any details about what was purchased, it’s possible to make some educated guesses based on the store’s inventory.

Angela Knight Lingerie carries luxury lines like Australian labels Pleasure State and Sally Jones, British superbrands Panache and Freya, and sexy UK indies like Ell & Cee and Myla (see below). There’s even a “naughty corner” in the shop, where one can stock up on feather boas, riding crops, tasseled pasties and the like. Lots to choose from for any bride-to-be!

Given the style of Kate’s wedding gown, a premium Velda Lauder corset may well have been part of the lingerie shopping trip and, given Pippa’s sleek silhouette on the wedding day, some shaping undergarments were almost certainly part of the package — not that the Middleton girls have much need for control tops and the like.

While Kate Middleton wowed the world in two haute couture McQueens for her wedding day, she departed from Buckingham Palace the next morning, hand in hand with her new husband, wearing a very designer-looking blue dress from Zara. And maybe, just maybe, some Angela Knight lingerie underneath.

Knight, meanwhile, isn’t completely staying out of the spotlight. She launched a new website on the weekend and this morning was interviewed on BBC Radio.

Otherwise, for someone with a privileged glimpse into the private life of the world’s most famous bride, Knight’s discretion will likely earn her as many new fans as her boutique and its many covetable brands.

Here are some photos of her shop and some of its wares:

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