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With the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton only days away, all eyes are on the bride-to-be as she wraps up preparations for the big event. The future princess has a reputation for loving a good bargain, and although she’s been known to wear designer frocks Kate is just as likely to don something from a high street store as she is a Bond Street boutique.

While the world is waiting to find out just who will be designing the future princess’s dress, many are also clamoring to find out details like what tiara the bride will choose (if any), where the couple will honeymoon and just what the new princess will be wearing under her dress … and on her wedding night.

There aren’t many details about what Kate’s planning to wear on her wedding day and recent reports that Sophie Cranston of up-and-coming Libélula was the Chosen One have been shot down by the designer herself. (Other names bandied about for the dress include Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton and Bruce Oldfield).

Still, there are reports filtering out of Kate’s recent shopping trips where she’s been snapping up reasonably priced sundresses, sunglasses, Bobbi Brown make-up, bargain panties and a few functional bras. Definitely the kind of lingerie that’s more about function than luxury, but all pieces that every woman needs.

According to the UK’s The Sun, on a recent shopping trip the bride-to-be, who was wearing a short-sleeved black Issa wrap dress, selected two Calvin Klein bras (one in black, the other nude) from the shop Peter Jones and a few lacy £3.90 Brazilian-style thongs (above) from Goldenpoint on King’s Road.

It has also been reported that during Kate’s high street shopping sprees she returned to Whistles and bought the “Kate” blouse — a reissue of the very one she wore in her engagement photo and had selected from her own wardrobe — as well as a pair of spotted blue-and-white pants.

According to WWD, British label Aristoc, which has a rich 80-year history of providing the well-heeled with hosiery, has confirmed that they will be supplying Middleton with her wedding day legwear.

As for what, exactly, Kate will be wearing underneath her much anticipated gown on the day of the wedding? That remains to be seen, if it’s revealed at all. Some have predicted (with tongue firmly in cheek) that she may honor Prince William’s favorite football team by donning Aston Villa-themed wedding night lingerie, although chances are her wedding day lingerie will likely be more haute couture than high street.

Still, we think that Kate’s shopping habits are a great way for her to come across as an Everyday Princess: a figure more palatable to a public who became largely disenchanted with the British royal family some time ago and is now charged up for the biggest wedding Britain has seen in three decades.

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