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All Tied Up: Britta Uschkamp Lingerie
Posted by connie | February 20, 2011

Not many lingerie designers need to offer instructions on how to wear their products, but if you’ve ever tried to put on one of Britta Uschkamp’s extravagant pieces you’ll know that a little help is necessary.

Uschkamp is a playful designer whose signatures include beautiful fabrics and lavish use of ribbons in place of traditional lingerie straps.

The best example is Uschkamp’s string multi and thong set (below) — delicate scraps of fabric held together by glamorous ribbons that can be tied multiple different ways. If you’re looking to wrap yourself up for a romantic evening with your beloved, these pieces will offer endless variations on fun.

The thong box set comes with different ribbon colors and an instructional booklet to show you all the ways you can wrap the piece. Uschkamp’s website even includes an instructional video on how to wear her innovative pieces.

Half-Polish, born in Germany and currently residing in Paris, Uschkamp travels extensively, sourcing her product, taking photographs, making videos and promoting her line. Her lingerie is produced in France and Poland with the designer sourcing material in a variety of European countries from Spain and Italy to Austria.

Uschkamp studied at IFM in Paris and also went to school in London before beginning her career working for such brands as J. Maskrey, Darja Richter, Corele Lingerie and Givenchy. After a life-changing visit to a French lingerie factory, Uschkamp launched her own line in 2007. Uschkamp says she’s inspired to design for the “anti-pinup” and is proud of the “playful conceptuality” of her pieces.

For Spring/Summer 2011, Uschkamp titled her collection “The Story Of Human Nature.” Following the riot of colors — reminiscent of vibrant urban graffiti — in her previous collection “Punkrocking Symphony,” and last spring’s Twilight-esque black, red and white “Dramatic Kisses,” 2011 brings something new for the brand.

Shot in a spring meadow the lookbook features romantic pieces in natural and pastel shades like pale yellow and pistachio green with some black thrown in for good measure. The entire effect is quite relaxed, bohemian and romantic. Ruffled multis join vintage-style silk boyshorts that mix sexy with sweet.

For Fall/Winter 2011, Uschkamp returns to her roots with a collection titled “I Heart Polska!” with a sneak peek of a diaphanous red-and-white sequined multi. The collection debuted last month at the Salon International de la Lingerie show in Paris.

Unfortunately, getting your hands on a beribboned multi or any piece of Uschkamp’s lingerie isn’t as easy as falling in love with it. The line isn’t readily available in store or online, and is stocked in only a few boutiques including Dollhouse – Jeux de Filles in Paris, La Petite Coquette in New York, Oh Baby! in Portland, and August Pfüller in Germany.

Below is a look at the Britta Uschkamp Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook.

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