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HOTmilk nursing lingerie is about to make waves again, this time with a naughty new video that is amazingly similar to last year’s Super Sexy CPR videos from Canadian label Fortnight Lingerie.

Have a look at HOTmilk’s very funny Sexy Bra Fitting Guide above and compare. Even the narrative voiceover is eerily similar. Is this blatant thievery? An homage? Or just a really good idea worth milking (pardon the pun)?

Fortnight, you’ll recall, is the Toronto indie label that entered the market last spring with a pair of gasp-inducing videos that were seen by millions and literally put the young label on the lingerie map around the world.

HOTmilk, from New Zealand, takes a similar approach here, blending genuinely helpful advice with some unexpected (and just barely SFW) playfulness. Altogether, it’s a lot of fun and very instructive to boot — though I was too busy watching to see what the baby daddy would do next to pay much attention to the voiceover.

HOTmilk is a well-respected label and their efforts to educate pregnant and nursing women are very forward-thinking, so it’s unlikely that Canada will take New Zealand to the international high court over this little episode. But if Fortnight ever launches a maternity line, there could be skirmishes!

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