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What goes together better than chocolate and Valentine’s Day, or lingerie and Valentine’s Day? How about chocolate lingerie for V-Day?

A tip of the ol’ fedora to Secrets in Lace for coming up with this delectable collection of stylish retro lingerie pieces in chocolate brown for the annual lovefest.

Brown (especially dark chocolate brown) is a tricky color to pull off in lingerie, and most fashion labels avoid it. Some exceptions can be found in the collections of Carine Gilson, Valery and the always daring VPL.

Secrets in Lace has chosen to embrace chocolate as an alternative to predictable V-Day red, offering its Dominique collection of 100% silk pieces in a rich satiny bronze hue. You can also find the Elizabeth open-bottom girdle (see below) in the same colorway as well.

You wouldn’t think this would work but, as the images below illustrate, it’s a home run for SIL. The same collection of girdles, bullet bras and other boudoir pieces is available in eggplant, red and silver, but the chocolate range is the one that stands out from everything else on the market.

Secrets in Lace is best known for its Bettie Page and Dita von Teese signature retro collections, and its French heel vintage stockings. But that could change once women (and their mates) get a taste of this chocolate treat.

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