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La Perla’s Ingenue: Color-Coded Confidence Boosters
Posted by melanie | February 12, 2011

Lingerie, as we ladies know, is offered in a vast array of silhouettes, fabrics, colors, styles, feminine details, etc … but when it comes to men, what do they prefer?

I decided to visit trusty ol’ Google and type the question ‘what color lingerie do men prefer?’ Well, surprise, surprise (and by surprise, I mean totally predictable), most men seem to prefer red and black lingerie. Sure, these weren’t national surveys or anything, but it makes perfect sense when you think about it.

The color red connotes passion and love, while black, although viewed as quite a conservative color, also implies mystery, sophistication and danger. And such color association can be seen in both society and nature: Angelina Jolie’s penchant for wearing seductive badass black attire, or the more unfortunately attractive red and black coloration of the deadly (literally) black widow spider.

In viewing La Perla’s latest Ingenue collection, consisting solely of red and black pieces, it leads me to believe that the venerable Italian label has exactly this color attraction theory in mind.

The collection consists of 10 silk red and black pieces trimmed in beautiful Leavers lace detail. Choose from the alluring fiery red Ingenue push-up bra with matching sensual lace thong, or harness you inner femme fatale with the addition of the Ingenue suspender belt with garter straps. The range also features a luxurious silk tulle babydoll (above) available in both seductive colors.

While the lingerie offered in the new Ingenue range will undoubtedly appeal to men, the pieces are created primarily with women in mind. How sexy do you feel when you slip on an LBD or swipe on a sultry red lipstick? Funny how these colors give us instant confidence to chat up at that cutie at the bar or assert newfound power in the boardroom, not to mention bedroom. Not only are black and red colors that men find irresistibly attractive, but they are also instant mood boosters for women.

So the next time you slip on a red or black piece of lingerie, your lover’s attraction to the style will be most likely attributed to the confidence you exude wearing such bold, attention-seeking color, rather than the color itself.

La Perla’s Ingenue collection ranges in price from $95-327 and is available in sizes 32A-38C, and XS-L.

Take a peek at some of the styles below and visit to view the timeless collection in its entirety.

Balconette Bra w/ Thong
Push-Up Bra
Suspender Belt
Strapless Balconette Bra w/ Boyshort
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