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Ever wonder if there’s a hidden meaning in your man’s Valentine’s Day gift, a silent code that may explain not just his intentions but his take on your relationship, too?

If you unwrap lingerie this Valentine’s Day — instead of flowers, chocolate or Michael Buble tickets — that alone says something about your relationship. Any man who gives you lingerie likely feels confident enough in the relationship to be bold and intimate, and is obviously attracted to you — two big pluses in our book.

Some people argue that a lingerie-giving man is a tad self-serving (“lingerie is a gift men buy for themselves”), but if it’s something that fits your taste and personality and that you’ll both enjoy, why complain?

Still, different types of lingerie do send different messages. If you’re the kind of woman who will spend February 15th analyzing what your partner’s gift really means, we’ve put together this list of possible interpretations and explanations. Possible being the key word!

Delicate and Expensive
If he turns up with an elaborately wrapped package filled with pricey silks and hand-stitched lace it’s a good bet he’s pretty generous. Not every man would drop the money for a piece of lingerie like Carine Gilson‘s hand-sewn Petunia Gabrielle Chemise (above), which retails for $820, or one of her lace-trimmed robes (Gilson’s Frou Frou Silk-Chiffon Kimono will run you $1,345). This type of lingerie gift is akin to a sparkly piece of good jewellery, although you may not want to show this one off to the girls at work.

Significance-wise, expensive and extravagant gifts can go two ways. Either your guy is showing off or you mean enough to him that he’s willing to drop eight bills on a beautifully crafted scrap of silk that he thinks will make you feel beautiful and loved. It’s up to you to decide if Mr. Moneybags’ intentions are genuine or not.

Fashion Forward Lingerie
If you open a gift to reveal a Jean Paul Gaultier shoulder pad bra for La Perla or the same Marni silver-and-chartreuse bra and panty set (above) that Blair sported on Gossip Girl it’s quite possible that you have a fashion plate on your hands. Likely only a dyed in the wool metrosexual would choose any of these options for the woman in his life. So he’s either fluent in the language of fashion or he’s paid attention when you’ve cooed over something in one of your magazines.

Just the Basics
Where lingerie gifts are concerned the bra and panty set is the equivalent to flowers — traditional, classic and, yes, somewhat expected. However, just because your partner gifts you a set from Victoria’s Secret doesn’t mean that the gesture should go unappreciated. Likely your man shares a lot of the gift’s qualities along with being somewhat of a romantic.

To get down to the real nitty gritty with a gift like this you’ll also have to look at cut, pattern and color. A conservative cut and hue versus something a little bit racier — like some black lace and leopard print — will give some insight into what your man’s looking for from you. Or what he thinks you’ll appreciate. Did he buy the bra in your favorite color or in a style he knows you favor? It’s his wordless way of telling you that he knows what you like and that’s he paying attention.

Something Excessively Juvenile
When your Valentine’s Day gift consists of PJs with feet or underwear with the days of the week sewn into them — even if they’re Stella McCartney’s high fashion version — your partner likely thinks you’re immature. Or he still is. If you were hoping your man saw you as someone worldly or sophisticated this gift pretty much confirms the opposite. The only saving grace for such a present is either your partner is known for his quirky sense of humor, and it’s a trait you appreciate, or the item was something you specifically asked for.

Naughty, Naughty
Unwrapping erotic lingerie is an instant signal that your man is looking to spice things up. But does it also means he thinks you’re a tramp, or his personal plaything? Probably not. More likely, it’s a sign that he sees you as being adventurous and open-minded — both high compliments from men — and able to keep up with his wild side. It also suggests that he’s quite comfortable with where you are and would like to continue in the same vein. Hopefully the gift items are naughty (think Bordelle) without being trashy, and you’re up for some dress-up or cut-out panties. If so, it’ll likely be a Valentine’s Day to remember.

Control Freak Lingerie
A corset, like this classic black one from Agent Provocateur, tends to be a unique choice for a man when it comes to gift-giving. Perhaps he has Dita von Teese fantasies he’d like you to help bring to life. Perhaps he’s a control freak. This could go either way.

Bespoke Lingerie
If your partner turns up with made-to-measure lingerie then you know he’s committed. Not only does such a gift require planning and attention to detail that most men lack, but it’s also something completely personal. What could be more special than a piece commissioned only for you by the person you love? (Incidentally, if he even knows what “bespoke” means, he’s probably a keeper. Most guys think it has something to do with bike tires.)

Diamonds and Love
If you receive something like the stunning and sparkling Tie Me Up Set from Laila Lee (main photo above) — which can be worn as pretty jewellery and then used for some boudoir games later — you may be taken aback at first. But a closer look will likely reveal that your man is telling you something you really do want to hear. Instead of going for something full-on raunchy he’s chosen a gift that’s tasteful with a hidden naughty side. Which is likely the way he feels about you. If that’s the case, he’s pretty much telling you that you’re his perfect woman. Lucky girl!

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