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There’s no mistaking the intentions behind UK label Myla‘s spring 2011 collection, I Want You To Want Me: the name says it all. This is a saucy, seductive set that is meant to flatter some of your key assets and entice anyone privileged enough to see you in these outfits.

After 10 years in the business, Myla has become an industry leader among erotic luxury labels and seems to be approaching its second decade with a renewed vigor and sense of playfulness.

There’s a fair bit of the extravagant flair we’ve come to expect from Myla, especially in the bow-laden Aurora range (above) and the ultra-feminine Cassandra line with its opulent oversized bow concealing the underwire support.

But there are some new surprises as well: the costumey Willow line of ensembles inspired by French maid outfits; and the deliciously retro Cabaret line of mesh and silk pieces trimmed with soft marabou feather.

Myla is also making an effort to go beyond its niche as purveyors of seductive intimates with an excellent daywear range called Body Silk. This silky satin line comes in solid black or ivory and lacks the kind of frills one usually expects from this label. Instead, it’s a sensuous, super-smooth line of seamless bras and separates that are suitable for any occasion.

There is a lot of romance in Myla’s offerings this season, numerous retro styles (the Cabaret line is pure 1950s), lots of lace and plenty of unexpected color swatches beyond the blacks and rubies that Myla is known for (we loved the classic Angelica cami and silk shorts in sage). Myla has also upgraded its bridal collection with new pieces which, quite frankly, can be worn by anyone, anyday.

In other words, Myla is hitting all the right notes and once again raising the bar for other luxury labels to try and match. We wouldn’t have expected anything less.

Here are some campaign images for Myla’s SS2011 collection. You’ll find lots more over at their website.

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