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Wolford_Opaque Naturel Light Forming Top

Every New Year’s Day most women (and men) decide that they want to eat less, drink less and hit the gym more. Who can argue with such a great resolution!

But what happens when “the event” you are attending is one month after New Year’s?  You might try a crash diet … maybe cut out the carbs for a few weeks? Try South Beach? Or that horrid cabbage soup thing?!

Nothing is working!  If only you’d stuck with the resolution you made LAST New Year’s, you wouldn’t be in this situation!  With no time to shop for an entirely new outfit, and no intention of spending more money when you’ve only worn that fabulous outfit once, what do you do? 
Simple, you need a resolution solution, of course! Sounds cute, but just what is it?

Ladies, it’s called a girdle. Don’t laugh at the idea until you hear the full story.

Girdles aren’t just for your grandmother anymore, and they aren’t even called girdles these days. There are fancier, less offensive names like shapewear, control garments, and body slimmers.  But we might as well call them what they truly are — girdles — and move on to the important info, like what they actually do for us.

Girdles take you in and smoothe you out exactly where you want it. In the past few years there have been great advances in control garments — the fabrics are more breathable, less stiff, and they are invisible under your clothes.

The problem with all of these great products out there now is that there are TOO many!  Every designer seems to have a new shapewear line, and of course they tout it to be the best of the best. We’ve tried quite a few, but these are some of our favorite products:

Wolford Opaque Naturel Light
Starting at the top, when it comes to hiding belly bulge and back rolls, nothing does as seamless a job as Wolford’s Opaque Naturel Light Forming Top. Although Wolford comes with a hefty price tag, you are always guaranteed of excellent quality and a product that will last you forever. (That’s the forming top on the left and at the top of this article; there’s also a string bodysuit, shown on the right.)

With this camisole, they have brilliantly solved the belly bulge and back rolls without flattening your bust line.  This has been the main problem with most other control camis — they do a great job smoothing out the rolls, but they also flatten your breasts too!  So instead of looking smooth and shapely, you look smooth and boxy.

Keep in mind, when you flatten your breasts, you widen your figure. Don’t be afraid to lift your breasts up — you’ll only help accentuate your waistline! This Wolford cami cleverly has a control band around the tummy, and a lighter fabric across the bust line which allows you to wear your bra of choice and still get the best shape.

Va Bien Tummy Tamer
To control your belly bulge, the best resolution solution on the market is by far the Va Bien Tummy Tamer (above).  Nothing else compares to this garment.  Agreed, it is not one of the best looking pair of panties you’ll put on, but this will become one of your best friends!  When you need to lose inches fast, this high-waisted control panty is your only choice. 

The no-stretch panel in the front flattens that belly bulge as soon as you pull it up, and thanks to the super high waist, everything stays put.  They’ve solved the “roll top” issue with two light, flexible bones that hold the panty in place.

Keep in mind, if you are tall, you may want to go up a size.  You’ll still achieve a nice flat tummy, but you’ll give yourself a little comfort and assurance that the panty will stay up under your bust line.

Body Wrap Sheer Iridesscent
Perhaps you want some control so that you can eat a full dinner out without worry, but you don’t need (or want) to get into something as serious as the Tummy Tamer.  There are plenty of options on the market for just a nice, simple control panty. Companies like Prima Donna and Chantelle, for example, often offer a light control panty that matches your bras.  Va Bien, Cass, Spanx and Wolford all offer great basic control panties, but one of our favourites goes to the Sheer Iridesscent line by Body Wrap.  Finally, a fun girdle!  They’ve introduced many sassy prints like polka dots and animal print to appeal to the younger market who is now realizing the benefits of body slimmers.  We love them!

Control Bodysuits and Slips
For the overall overhaul, we’ve got two favorite resolution solutions:  the bodysuit and the control slip; both have their benefits. One of the more retro looks in girdle-land is the bodysuit — no more zippers and clips, though; bodysuits have become way sexy.

Prima Donna makes some of the finest, sexiest control bodysuits on the market (that’s the Madison on the left above).  Why choose a bodysuit?  Because they provide one smooth line:  no back rolls, no panty lines, just one sleek sexy look.

Why then consider a control slip?  No snaps to deal with when you need to visit the ladies room.  Spanx has a fabulous collection of control garments, and although this control slip (above right) from the Hide and Sleek line is being phased out, it is being improved with even better fabric for their Slimplicity line.  We’ll be sorry to see this control slip go as it has been great to wear under dresses.  Again, you get one smooth line, but you also have the added benefit of thinner (or no) straps.
And here’s our final resolution solution — love your curves!  A great bra will do wonders on its own to flatter your figure.  Easier said than done for many of us out there who have that dreaded 25th high school reunion coming up around the corner … and that’s what girdles are for.

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  1. Tom Sleifer says:

    A few years ago I started getting a small stomach plus I have a mild case of scolosis. I decided the solution was to wear a girdle. I located a professional corsetier for a fitting. I had never been to a corsetier I found the experience really great. I never realized to benefits of being in a well fitted firm control girdle. It take a little getting use to, but once use to the support a girdle offers I wear a girdle every day and I have never felt so good.

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