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La Perla’s Baffling Cotton Basics
Posted by amy | January 19, 2011

Does anyone really need a $76 plain grey T-shirt from La Perla? Especially when it’ll set you back another $200+ for their seamless T-shirt bra?

I’m trying to make sense of the latest U.S. market moves from the venerable Italian label, which has been il massimo del lusso among European lingerie houses for decades. The ultimate in luxury.

La Perla recently launched a U.S. online boutique, whose product range differs somewhat from its parent, and reveals an effort to identify and target American consumers who previously sought out their imported finery in high-end boutiques.

The latest offering is a surprising collection of VERY basic cotton tees, tanks and sweats. There’s a racerback tank for $69, leggings for $88 and long-sleeve tees (in white or black!) for $89.

The collection is called, oddly, New Project and it appears to be part of the company’s La Perla Studio range. It also seems to be taking aim at market share currently owned by venerable U.S. brands like Sears and Wal-Mart. Go figure.

But back to my original question. Who, other than label snobs, needs La Perla cotton lounge pants or an imported cotton tank for yoga class? Seriously, isn’t this the kind of thing we pick up at Target?

Very puzzling indeed for a label that has for so long protected its brand and reputation with extreme vigilance.

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