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We wanted to share with you this cri de coeur from Amanda Sage Barnum, author of the Itty Bitty Bra Guide and specialist in bra sourcing for smaller busted women.

Amanda’s new year’s post on her blog, 32aabra, was a welcome departure from all the rah-rah articles and advertising that usually greet a new year in fashion … or anywhere for that matter.

There’s a timely message here for fashion marketers, consumers and other bloggers too.

New Year, Same Body
I hate all these “new year, new you” marketing campaigns. I guess they must work, or else I wouldn’t keep seeing them every single year.

If you’re an American female, whether petite or plus-sized or somewhere in between, there’s nothing quite like the style and beauty industry in this country to make you feel ashamed of where you come from. I know I am. When I look at how little regard corporate America has for us and our bodies, it makes me want to sabotage all the work I’ve done helping small women find good bras.

Reality check number one: the market does not care if you go broke trying to change your body; it does not care whether you are healthy or not; and it does not care how you feel about yourself.

In fact, the more you hate how you look, the more likely you are to continue to spend your money on products that keep this insanity going.

But, wait a second. Aren’t I part of the problem? Doesn’t a fashion blog about petite lingerie enourage women to believe they need to buy things — in this case, bras — in order to be beautiful and feminine?

Aren’t I hurting women and encouraging negative body image with my subject matter?

I really, really hope not. If I have ever given you the impression that I believe any of the bullshit the corporate machine feeds American women about beauty every single second of every day, please let me correct myself right now.

If you have ever felt bad about your body while reading one of my posts here, then I take back whatever it was I may have written that made you feel that way.

Reality check number two: you ARE a beautiful woman already. You do NOT need to wear anything you don’t want to wear. I don’t want you to start wearing a bra if you have never felt the need for one. Many women who are smaller than a B cup are perfectly fine to go without.

Is that clear?

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  1. Amanda says:

    Hey Richard, thank you for the mention! And I really love this image. Am thinking Julie and I should talk.

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