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Don’t be surprised if the next big name in lingerie design belongs to a man.

Adam Sakara, a 27-year-old Montrealer, has taken his label La Fée Verte from edgy cult curiosity to celebrity must-have in barely 1&#189 years.

After a stellar 2010 — highlighted by Carrie Bradshaw appearing in one of Sakara’s bras in Sex and the City 2 — LFV is poised for a breakout year as its blend of lacey French luxury and modern styling finds more fans among obsessive fashionistas everywhere.

Designer: Adam Sakara
Age: 27
Label: La Fee Verte
Launch: 2009
Based: Montreal

It’s an unlikely success story to begin our Bright Young Things series, since La Fée Verte had a lot going against it from the start. A luxury line that debuted during the pit of the recession. Based in Canada. Designed by a boy.

What it had going for it was Sakara, whose entrepreneurial skills are at least equal to his design chops.

Sakara hit a lot of the right trend buttons early, targeting stylish urbanites with eco-friendly fabrics, high-quality workmanship and designs that work well as layered pieces for public display.

With a showroom in New York, Sakara has also surrounded himself with savvy marketing and fashion pros as he begins his ascent up the A-list. While some young labels are content to stick with boutiques, Sakara is courting high-end department stores and international points of sale.

At the same time, he’s not afraid to tinker with his design aesthetic to find a formula that clicks.

La Fée Verte’s 2009 debut collection, Garden of Eden, drew a lot of attention for its rich hues and almost decadent styling, but it was hard to imagine the audience that would be drawn to all that opulent chartreuse and inky black.

In successive collections — including the delicate Spring-Summer 2011 line headed for stores any day now — Sakara offers subtler styling, a broader range of pieces and a warmer palette. Though LFV is best known for its slinky rompers and lacey soft-cup bras, Sakara has added some seriously sexy lounge- and sleepwear pieces.

What has emerged is a very modern hybrid that combines sensual Parisian luxury with hip streetwear styling. If LFV were a wine, one would detect notes of La Perla and VPL, ElleMac and Brulee and a few other labels in Sakara’s blend, but the resulting concoction is his own brand of sensuous comfort.

As he looks forward, Sakara is dreaming of — and no doubt already plotting — turning La Fée Verte into a major fashion brand with a full clothing line. Don’t bet against him.

Below you’ll find Sakara’s responses to our Bright Young Things questionnaire, followed by images from La Fee Verte’s newest collection.

Q&A with Adam Sakara — Founder, La Fée Verte

Were you profitable in 2010?
For a relatively new brand we did quite well and we are showing profit.

How many people are employed by your label?
We have 20 employees currently working for La Fée Verte in Canada and the U.S.

What plans do you have for new products/collections in 2011?
In 2011 we plan on launching our first-ever bridal collection. We are using a lot of silks and imported laces from France.

How do you plan to grow your business in 2011?
I plan on growing the business by targeting more international accounts and doing as much as we possibly can in growing the brand name through press and other media/social networks.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in launching your label?
What I find most important is getting our name out there. This is crucial. In today’s society if you are not a known brand most department stores or chain stores won’t even take the time to look at you.

Every day is a challenge whether it’s shipping on time, designing the perfect collection or making sure everything is put together in the short time frame we have between each season.

What is your most popular design or product?
Our most popular products are our teddies, rompers and soft bras.

How will you define success for yourself?
Success for me is achieving my goals and growing my business into a well-known international lingerie and clothing line.

Anything else people should know about you?
We have good support from independent boutiques worldwide, as well we are starting to grow with the large department stores. We are thankful to all of our customers as they have been loyal and understanding straight from the start.

La Fée Verte Spring-Summer 2011 Collection

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