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Ah, a new year and hope springs eternal once again.

No one knows that better than the people in the photos above, all independent lingerie designers who — in our considered opinion — are ready to make a big (and well-deserved) splash in 2011.

Tomorrow, Lingerie Talk will launch a daily series of articles that spotlights some of the sharpest and most creative emerging talents in the lingerie industry.

Altogether, our series titled Bright Young Things will profile a dozen (maybe more) lingerie designers from around the world. Some of these people you already know from earlier posts we’ve written, but we’ve got several bright new hotshots to tell you about too!

Generally speaking, the young entrepreneurs we are featuring in this series are indie designers who are relatively new to the business. Many work solo, most have more nerve than money and they all have a high tolerance for risk. We’ll look at their business plans and their backgrounds, and offer an early look at their designs for 2011.

Bright Young Things will include labels from Europe, the UK, North America and points in between. The designers range from a newcomer who has just released her debut collection, to an established artist with a cult-like following overseas, to a couple of rising stars who’ve graduated from late-night sewing for their Etsy shops to something resembling the big time.

What they all have in common, though, is a whole lot of passion. In an industry that is being re-made by the forces of globalization and presents enormous barriers to newcomers, these are the young dreamers who believe there is still a place for inspired, highly individual visions. We couldn’t agree more.

Bright Young Things begins tomorrow with our look at Canada’s own Adam Sakara from the exciting young label La Fée Verte.

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