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The Naked Truth About Men Who Work In Lingerie
Posted by richard | December 14, 2010

Here’s a little fun to get your mind off Christmas shopping for a few minutes.

HOTMilk nursing lingerie from New Zealand isn’t shy about profiling its own workplace family. So, when they revamped their website recently, they even gave some of their male staff an opportunity to spill on the unique employment challenges of working for a maternity lingerie company.

Three blokes, including general manager Scott Newton, are asked a series of questions related to the delicate nature of their work — and how it goes over at home and down at the local pub.

Keep in mind, these lads aren’t just selling knickers; they’re up to their armpits every day in ultra-sexy maternity wear. They probably tell their mates that the office environment looks like the photo above (from the 1932 movie Scarface), but if truth be told they are busy helping out with HOTmilk photoshoots like this one:

As a member of this small brotherhood — men working in lingerie — I found their replies hilarious. Below are some excerpts from their Q&As; the full piece can be found here.

The lads’ last names aren’t included, no doubt to protect them from further ribbing. Personally, if I were in their place, I’d be pitching the idea of a HOTmen of HOTmilk calendar for next year!

Roly, Web Marketing Manager

Q: Do you mind working with so many women?
Not at all, actually some of my best friends are women. My mother was a woman too. The HM team are a great bunch of level-headed team players and are all very easy to get along with. So it’s a lot like working with a bunch of blokes really, only less crass.
Q: As a man, what is it like working in lingerie?
Well I never wear it at work. Seriously, its odd really, when you’re hanging with the other fathers at the school gate and Bruce the builder asks what you do, it can feel a tad emasculating to admit you work in women’s underwear. But then some men think I have it totally sorted being surrounded by sexy lingerie all day long. But its not really like that. Not really. Some men can be so immature, right girlfriends?
Q: What’s it like working closely with Lisa, your wife?
Just like marriage really only at work I get paid to be bossed around by the missus.

Scott, General Manager

Q: Do you mind working with so many women?
I’m used to it. I work with women and then go home to my wife and daughter, so it’s fair to say that I’m surrounded by women! This doesn’t leave much time for grunting, beating the chest or sharing my ‘expert’ knowledge on sport, but I try.
Q: As a man, what is it like working in lingerie?
Well, it’s interesting to say the least and it certainly doesn’t provide your typical water cooler conversations. As a man I came into this thinking bra = cups + straps. Wind the clock forward a few years and that formula looks quite different.
Q: What does your wife think of you working at HOTmilk?
My wife shares my passion for HOTmilk and she is excited by the prospect of needing to replenish her HOTmilk supplies should the time arise. I might add she is somewhat amused at times of my knowledge of lingerie. Mind you, so am I!

Crawford, Warehouse Assistant

Q: Do you mind working with so many women?
Not really, some of them act like blokes anyway, farting and belching. Actually, that’s not true but they really are very easy to work with, it’s a great team and we always have a laugh.
Q: As a man, what is it like working in lingerie?
Well I’m adaptable. It can be a little strange at times when people ask what you do. I went from driving diggers and building foundations to working within the lingerie industry. Try explaining that!
Q: What’s it like working closely with Ange, your wife?
Easier driving diggers.

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