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I’ve previously mentioned that receiving socks on Christmas morning is a tradition in my family, and one that I love so much so that I set out to convert you here. As a matter of fact I am so weirdly fond of giving and receiving socks, that I’ve decided to try and start a new tradition this year — underwear combo-packs for everyone on my list!

Okay, I know you all probably have images of blasé cotton undies stuffed inside an unappealing plastic package that you would find in a discount department store, but trust me, the undie sets I’ve selected are anything but boring!

Read on below to find underwear gift packs for everyone on your list that will garner actual gratitude:

For Tween/Teens: With her 2,000 texts a month, bedroom walls adorned with celebrity crushes and the ability to recite from memory the contenders from the past 15 seasons of America’s Next Top Model, it can be difficult to decipher what’s ‘cool’ within your teen’s alternate universe. Keep things simple by choosing gifts from big-name girly brands that are always spot-on-trend. Juicy Couture’s Ruched-Back Hipster ($18) comes packaged in a playful plastic diamond (above left), while Victoria’s Secret offers a fashion show exclusive Fashion Show Tank and Panty Set ($32).

For the Comfort Maven: Unapologetic about her comfortable clothing choices, this woman opts for flexible fabrics, stacked heels and jeans that don’t create the dreaded muffin top. But don’t confuse this gal for a frump; you’ll never see her sporting VPL! So for the fashion-loving non-conformist, choose from Calvin Klein’s Jubilee Bikini Holiday Gift Set ($36) (above left) or the Commando Thong Five Pack ($89).

For the Glamor-Puss: Animal-printed silk sheets, feather-adorned heeled slippers and coordinating panties and bras are just a few favorite things of this self-professed diva. To tickle her fancy, choose from Hanky Panky’s limited edition Naughty and Nice Low Rise Thong Gift Set ($49) (left) or the Low Rise Thong Holiday Three Pack ($49, right). Of course, for her weekend escapes with her flavor of the week, Playful Promises offers a very cheeky Silk Bikini Weekend Set (below left, $68).

For the Refined Male: For the man in your life who prefers such classics as cognac on the rocks, a calculating game of chess and The Great Gatsby, the question ‘boxers or briefs’ need not be asked. The obvious choice for this classicist is the Polo Ralph Lauren Woven Boxer Gift Set (right, $76).

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