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VPL’s Shimmering 2011 Resort Collection
Posted by amy | December 13, 2010

Victoria Bartlett plays fast and loose with the concept of seasonal fashion collections, and isn’t shy about releasing pre-season capsule collections or other bits and pieces from her much-admired label VPL (Visible Panty Line) when the moods suits her or public demand warrants it.

A case in point is VPL’s new Resort 2011 collection, which feels very much like a stopgap — or perhaps a stepping stone? — between her 2010 collections and the eagerly awaited Spring 2011 line, which made a big splash on the runway during NY Fashion Week a couple of months back.

This isn’t a complaint; in fact, watching this cutting-edge label evolve over the past few seasons has been nothing less than fascinating. It they want to mess with the fashion calendar and other traditions, more power to them.

The Resort line is a small group of RTW separates including tops, dresses, jackets, leggings and lingerie, all of which are meant to work together in layers to create the unmistakable VPL signature look.

The color palette is for the most part earthy and muted, although there are some shimmering silver and bronze pieces that harken back to last spring’s collection and anticipate the upcoming 2011 range as well. And it’s all anchored by some new variations on VPL’s sporty, geometric bras, which have done more to make lingerie an acceptable public fashion statement in the past year than any other single piece we can think of.

You’ll have to do digging to find the pieces you want from the VPL Resort line, especially the patella leggings in the two left-hand photos above, which likely won’t last long in stores.

A good place to look, if you’re in Manhattan over the holidays, is the new VPL shop at 5 Mercer Street, an open space showroom that is meant to evoke the feel of a “vintage gymnasium”.

And if you feel like being totally frivolous and want to make an unforgettable impression on the party circuit, you can now pick up the piece below for a mere $1,760. It’s a hair bodysuit that has been worn by Lady Gaga and was the finale piece for VPL’s Spring 2011 runway show.

No chance of an awkward same-dress moment if you show up in this piece at your next Christmas party!

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