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Designer Lingerie Lampshades
Posted by nadine | December 6, 2010

Today: Light Up Your Boudoir

The Gift: Designer Lingerie Lampshade
Perfect For: Big-hearted lingerie lovers
Price: $60-80
Shop: Ithemba

Looking for a Christmas gift that does more than just make your beloved’s face light up? Try this collection of embroidered designer lampshades, and do some good while giving.

Proceeds from the sale of these unique pieces go to support the NGO Designing Hope, which helps African women living with AIDS in Swaziland.

The project was developed in part by the Salon International de la Lingerie and Ithemba, which invited top lingerie designers to submit drawings that are printed on fabric and then embroidered by women affected by HIV and AIDS in Swaziland. The gorgeous pieces are then shipped to Paris where they’re mounted on lampshade frames. This income-generating project has been providing women with greater opportunities since 2006.

You can find designs from Simone Perele, Passionata, Hanky Panky, Wacoal, Aubade and more.

Some of the lampshades have subtler designs than others, so if you don’t want a lace bra on lampshade you can opt for a lovely romance-conjuring one, like Hanky Panky’s lace and floral design. (But who wouldn’t want a lace bra illuminated on their bedside table? Or a saucy silhouette by Aubade lighting up a glamorous walk-in closet?)

The lamps are available online at Ithemba for super-reasonable prices ranging from $60-80 plus shipping.

Decorate with the gorgeousness and feel good about it this year. It’s the perfect gift for the girl who has almost everything: hope for women on the other side of the world.

Below are a few of the styles available.

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