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Burlesque Posters Through The Years
Posted by amy | November 24, 2010

We’re going to be hearing a LOT about burlesque in the days ahead, which is just fine by us since it means we get to immerse ourselves in the uniquely ageless world of tease ‘n sleaze — and all that gorgeous costumery.

The world of burlesque entertainment has such a rich history, and such extensive cultural associations, that it’s no wonder this little business of stripping off one’s undies in public continues to flourish … at least on the margins of polite society.

The latest in a long line of burlesque “revivals” arrives in movie theaters today, with a PG rating that might be appropriate for a Thanksgiving audience but still seems a bit incongruous, given the subject matter. No matter, we’ll be there for the first midnight showing, feather boas and all.

To help get you acclimatized, we’ve put together this gallery of burlesque art posters. Surprisingly, although many of these images have a vintage feel that evokes the era of Parisian cabarets or post-war American strip shows, they’re mostly recent examples from contemporary nouvelle burlesque shows.

Burlesque posters, in fact, have their own fascinating subculture which, like burlesque itself, never strays far from its roots. Toulouse-Lautrec would approve!

Many of these images come from the Australian vintage collectors’ site Vintage Venus, where you can buy both originals and copies. If you ask me, a nice framed burlesque poster would make an awesome Christmas gift this year!

Click on the images to see larger versions. And we’ll have more Burlesque goodies in the days ahead!

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