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Birthday Cake Collection | Cake Lingerie 2011

Good news for expectant moms, or anyone thinking of getting in the family way next year: Australian label Cake Lingerie is about to debut its third collection of stylish, well-made maternity lingerie to help put a glamorous spin on your pregnancy.

Called “Birthday Cake”, the new collection arrives in stores in January and consists of six style ranges, including the clever Toffee Apple camisole/feeding top and lounging pants pictured above.

Cake is just three years old and tends to produce small collections, but with good reason. Designer Tracey Montford pays careful attention to the challenging fit requirements of expectant women, and takes her time to develop carefully constructed pieces while using styles and fabrics that both flatter and are appropriate for a pregnant woman’s new shape.

Styles in the Birthday Cake collection include an assortment of soft-cup, convertible and flexible wire bras offering different degrees of support, and bottoms that include tangas, g-strings and French knickers.

Fabrics have been combined to provide a sophisticated silhouette without sacrificing comfort. The Turkish Delight range, for instance, combines an elegant satin knit and lace, but adds a cotton inner lining. For a more modern look and feel, the Toffee and Dark Toffee ranges offer microfibre moulded cup bras. These two look like nude and black basics, but on closer inspection you’ll see there’s a luxurious floral print peeking out from underneath the microfibre layer.

And to ensure the highest quality product, Cake developed new product engineering guidelines for the Birthday Cake line. Known as MyBust&#8482, the new technique allows for changes in cup shape and construction to create the perfect balance between fit, support and fashion for pregnant and nursing women.

Cake Lingerie has built up a very devoted fan base in just three years, and it’s only partly due to the enduring popularity of their early collections.

The young label, which is now available in more than 250 lingerie and maternity boutiques worldwide, is deeply committed to its motto, “Celebrating Motherhood” — so much so, in fact, that many of their activities seem only distantly related to the business of selling undies.

The Cake blog is filled with tips, advice and resource links for expectant moms, and founder Tracey has become a well-known advocate for breast health and safety, especially where maternity products are concerned. And of course, the brand has made headlines all year long for its campaign to get get “real moms” from the UK, Finland and Australia to model their products.

Need further proof of Cake’s authenticity? How about this: Cake must be the only lingerie label to post ultrasound photos of its owner’s in utero baby on its Facebook page (and encourage readers to post their own!) Yes, Tracey is in her third trimester and keeping fans updated while she also test drives her label’s newest collection.

As they say Down Under, good onya, mate!

Cake is becoming more widely available in North America and the UK. Check their website for more information on the 2011 collection and where to find it. Meanwhile, click on the photos below for product style names.

Birthday Cake Collection | Cake Lingerie 2011

Birthday Cake Collection | Cake Lingerie 2011

Birthday Cake Collection | Cake Lingerie 2011

Birthday Cake Collection | Cake Lingerie 2011

Birthday Cake Collection | Cake Lingerie 2011

Birthday Cake Collection | Cake Lingerie 2011

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    Cake’s blog really provides useful information about expectant women like what they should wear, what they should not wear and many other useful information. Birthday Cake is a nice collection.

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