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Video: How To Get In Angel Shape
Posted by richard | November 19, 2010

Think you’ve got what it takes to walk the runway in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? Have a look at the attached videos and you might want to re-evaluate.

As part of its media onslaught in the run-up to the Nov. 30 show, VS has released this video showing supermodel Erin Heatherton‘s workout routine that whips her into shape for the catwalk.

Erin works with celebrity/model trainer Justin Gelband to sculpt her slim, sinewy frame, and the good news for us couch viewers is that their gym routine isn’t rocket science.

There’s extensive use of resistance bands and a Pilates reformer as well as creative routines involving sliders, those little plastic discs that are great for low-impact muscle-toning.

Erin explains why it’s so important to build strong leg muscles for shows like the VSFS, saying:

When I’m out on the runway with 50-pound wings and crazy heels, in my underwear, I’ll be able to walk gracefully.”

For another look at the notoriously intense workout regimens practiced by the VS models, we’ve added below an earlier video showing how Adriana Lima whipped herself into shape after having a baby. It’s shot by Russell James and set to the Black Eyed Peas’ “Rock Your Body” and it’s lots of fun to watch from the comfort of your couch!

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