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Looking for something special that none of your friends have discovered yet? Read on.

My Fair Lady is a year-old lingerie brand from the UK that’s starting to catch the attention of lingerie connoisseurs.

Designed by relative newcomer Rae-Emily Smith, who conceptualized the brand while studying Contour Fashion at De Montfort University, My Fair Lady offers handmade-to-order limited-collection pieces in sumptuous, color-blocked satins and silks. This is as close as you’ll get to couture without breaking the bank; the luxurious pieces are sold at surprisingly affordable prices.

We’re particularly smitten with the Indian Summer collection, featured in the photos above and below. Vibrant hues and unique design concepts — would you believe that’s a nightie in the right photo above?! — distinguish a line designed to put a smile on your face and present a sleek silhouette.

The Indian Summer nightie embraces the asymmetrical trend. The satin front, sheer-chiffon back and dupioni silk tie create a textile mosaic that must be shown off. Parade around the house in this little number; a discreet side zipper helps you slip in and out of the nightie without having to do that awkward stuck-around-your-neck dance.

For the girl who loves sexy separates, check out My Fair Lady’s halter bra, waspie and knickers ensemble below. (Even if you’re not British, start calling them “knickers,” ladies. So much more fun than “panties.”)

Like the nightie, the bra and waspie each boast multiple fabrics (satins and silks) and bold color combinations. The halter bra ties with teal ribbon; the waspie’s fun suspender straps are detachable. Complete the look with stretch-satin briefs. The silky knickers can be paired with any Indian Summer piece, so be sure to have a cute pair peeking out from beneath your nightie, too.

Cover up with a deep purple robe and skyrocket your loungewear wardrobe from boring to sexy.

Drool over the rest of the collection — and check out the new holiday line as well — at the official My Fair Lady site. You won’t find these indulgences in stores, so order online and be first of your social circle to start building a MFLL wardrobe.

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