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Adorable Wool Leggings From Odd Molly
Posted by nadine | November 4, 2010

Girls who already love Odd Molly know that their bloomers are a winter wardrobe must-have. Beyond the fact that these pieces are (a) super-trendy in the coziest way possible, and (b) hand-sewn and made ethically, they’re also practical and Canadian-blizzard friendly.

This year the Stockholm-based label is offering their signature knit leggings in three styles — frilly-cuffed leggings, knee-length bloomers and thigh-high leg warmers — and in three shades: a light military green, powder and a dark grey.

There’s something very “European-countryside-meets-urban-sensibility” in these merino wool leggings. Chilly girls can layer the lux wool pointelle legging under dresses and tunics or even treat it as long underwear.

And who could resist the charming smallville bloomers? Let them peek out from beneath a fall frock and have your friends envy your retro vibe. Whether you wear them for their flirty appeal or for extra warmth, these Odd Molly staples will quickly become a bare necessity in your cold-weather wardrobe.

It also helps to know that Odd Molly is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, which means the brand was built on the cornerstones of “love-courage-integrity” and all fabrics are sustainable and organic. You can be proud of your comfort when it comes from Odd Molly.

Pick up your first pair of bloomers (or 20th, if you’re already a fan) at one of the 1,500 boutiques carrying Odd Molly’s lingerie. Thank us on the coldest day of February.

Pix of the bloomers and ankle-length frilled leggings below.

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