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Last-Minute Costume Ideas For A Wicked Halloween
Posted by connie | October 25, 2010

If you’re a little too old for trick-or-treating, but still want to celebrate Halloween, lingerie designers have come up with a ton of options to help you enjoy it in a more adult way.

Recently Victoria’s Secret debuted a slew of sexy little fantasy costumes while Etsy is chalk full of shops offering up everything from fang-tastic garters like the one above to corseted dress-up ideas.

And while people wear all manner of costumes for Halloween these days, we’re thinking these options are best saved for after the party, in the privacy of your own home. Here’s a few ideas for last-minute shoppers.

Sexy Little Costumes
Have you ever wondered what a Sexy Little Sailor looks like? How about a Sexy Little Kitty or Nurse? Well, if you have, Victoria’s Secret has got the answers.

The lingerie giant’s collection of Halloween lingerie is full of tiny ruffled skirts, garters and lots of requisite cleavage. Some kits — like the French maid (above right) — are especially see-through and risqué, while others like the Flight Attendant, are the type of costume that may be worn outdoors by some. See the full range here.

In many cases the main basis of the costume, as opposed to the lingerie, is the assorted headgear such as ears, hats and tiaras. Not surprisingly, along with the Sexy Senoritas, Brides and Princesses, Victoria’s Secret also offers a Sexy Angel alongside the Santa’s Helpers costumes, perfect for those looking to get a head start on their Christmas shopping (prices start at $68).

For those interested in other options, companies like 3Wishes also offer similar types of sexy Halloween lingerie costumes, such as the Seaside Flirt option pictured above left. Costumes come in various degrees of raciness, with prices starting at $29.95.

Vintage Halloween Lingerie
If you’re looking for a costume that is a bit more unique then why not opt for one like the Marie Antoinette outfit from Etsy seller Miala?

Etsy offers a great selection of shops that sell one-of-a-kind or vintage costumes like this silk corseted confection ($125) or a vintage French maid costume and other novelties from Lynnsrags.

Miala’s Marie Antoinette costume comes complete with a boned peach corset festooned with bows and a tiny, three-tiered black bustle skirt. For added mystery the vintage lace and satin mask is included.

Custom Made Costumes
For those looking for luxe and individual when it comes to their Halloween lingerie then custom-made may be a perfect option.

Consider becoming the mistress of your boudoir in this elegant geisha costume with the silk kimono custom-made to your specifications.

A custom geisha outfit from Starvisions will run you $169 and have you looking like a, well, vision come October 31st.

Seriously Spooky Skivvies
Sometimes you just want to get right into the mood of the holiday. If you’re the type who loves cobwebs and cackling witches this time of year then some creepily sexy Halloween lingerie may be just the ticket.

Consider the satin garters sold by Voluscious featuring skulls or vampires (top photo) or, appropriately, these Frankenstein briefs ($34).

Or how about the sweetly sexy spiderweb panties by Natrium11? These semi-sheer, side-tie printed panties are the perfect last-minute grab if you’re still wondering just what lingerie to wear for Halloween this year.

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  1. Igor says:

    I love, love, love the garter belt. It is amazing to see brave designs with direction…No idea who this is, but its amazing xx

  2. jenefo says:

    This is true too sexy!I love it!

  3. Lisa R says:

    The printed garter belt is perfect for Halloween or any other night, for that matter. I am a sucker for garter belts. Sure no one will see but still I want it to hold up my stockings. Where is it available?

  4. DGCRANE says:

    The halloween theme is so great.

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