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Movmoda Bandeau Bra

For most women on the go, the idea of lacy underpinnings isn’t an option for daily consideration. We work hard and play hard. Sometimes we bike to work, our heels stashed in our handbags. We need more than a leopard-print thong to get us through the day.

Enter MovModa and their innovative new line of “performance lingerie”. This is one design concept we’re already behind — a hybrid of sexy lingerie and supportive workout wear.

Made from Italian-designed Sensitive® fabrics (a luxurious blend of nylon mircofiber and Lycra® elastomer) that breathe, control moisture and offer UV protection, the garments are sleek, flattering alternatives to grubby sports bras and waist-pinching bike shorts.

“We wanted to create a product that evokes sensuality and blends key ingredients: a dash of sex appeal, a flirty touch and a lot of comfort,” explains Kerry Mann, president of MovModa.

The 2011 MovModa Performance Lingerie Collection targets the cycling commuter, with 10 sure-to-fly-off-the-shelves pieces: Bandeau Bra, Bandeau Cami, Bralette, Shirred Cami, Booty Panty, Booty Short, Thong Short, Spin Short, Thong and UniSuit.

And, yes, they’re eco-friendly, ensuring that your ride to work positively impacts both your body and the environment. The non-bulky separates will disappear under your clothes, unless, of course, you opt to wear the versatile gear as outerwear. A woman likes having options.

Here’s a quick peek at some of the upcoming collection:

  • The Bandeau Bra (top photo), available in seven color combinations, is fully lined with wide adjustable straps that won’t cut into your shoulders and can be crisscrossed for maximum support. Pair it with the seamless-front Booty Panty (the V-shaped waistband is super-flattering) and you’re good to go!
  • The Shirred Cami (first photo below), with its princess seams, flattering shirring and fully lined bra cups, needs no cover-up. Cycling/spinning devotees can throw on a pair of Spin Shorts, complete with a crisscross waist and fleece-paneled gusset and head for their bikes.

The new line will hit stores in early 2011, with reasonable prices ranging from $50 to $100. Check out the official MovModa website, where you’ll more styles like the ones shown below, and plan for a minor shopping spree come January.

MovModa Shirred Cami

MovModa Unisuit

MovModa bralette

MovModa Thong Short

MovModa Spin Short
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