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AP’s Inspired ‘Birthday Suit’
Posted by amy | October 17, 2010
Agent Provocateur Birthday Suit

Here’s an early tip for those of you who are thinking of surprising your mate with an erotic treat on Christmas morning.

Agent Provocateur has been quietly adding new lines to its A/W 2010 collection, and this one is truly inspired — the Birthday Suit ensemble. When I first saw this bold, playful range with the hilarious name, I didn’t know whether to laugh, gasp or simply applaud.

Exquisitely fashioned from fine silk satin and offered in a striking scarlet hue, AP’s Birthday Suit line is part kittenish-cute and part Vegas raunch — a description which pretty much sums up this boundary-pushing brand.

The styles range from the comparatively demure babydoll (above) with its fluted silhouette and oversized satin bows, to the NSFW playsuit (below) with ruched straps and built-in panty.

There’s also a classic AP suspender, a gorgeous demi-cup satin bra with more big bows and — get this — heart-shaped stick-on pasties in sequined leather with silk tassels. Not the pastie type? Well, once you look closely at the Birthday Suit bra, you’ll probably want/need them too!

Wannabe designers can also learn something from the Birthday Suit line. The styles really aren’t much different than other AP lines, but it makes a statement nevertheless because of the bold, brilliant monochromatic color choice. AP’s ravishing red is perfect for satin confections like this — it not only purrs eros, but it makes an ideal statement on Christmas, Valentine’s Day or whatever passes for a special romantic occasion in your household.

The Birthday Suit line is one of several that AP has added to its website catalogue in the past couple of weeks to go along with the teaser videos it released this summer to promote the upcoming collection. Be sure to check out what’s new — we especially love the magenta Sherlyn line in silk jacquard with lace trim — as there are more new styles coming soon.

You can also learn more about AP’s design aesthetic by viewing this video in which creative director Sarah Shotton explains some of the new pieces.

Agent Provocateur Birthday Suit
Agent Provocateur Birthday Suit
Agent Provocateur Birthday Suit
Agent Provocateur Birthday Suit
Bra and Panty
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    That babydoll is GORGEOUS!

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