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The lingerie industry provides an enormous amount of support for breast cancer charities, and throughout October we’ll see hundreds of different initiatives to raise funds during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

From major fashion houses to small indie labels, community groups, cancer survivors and just plain good folks, you’ll see an incredible assortment of creative ways to pledge your support for this vital cause.

One recent undertaking that caught our eye was the 2010 Bling My Bra campaign based in Texas but actually showing up in cyberspace on eBay.

Bling My Bra takes original, hand-crafted “theme” bras from a wide variety of contributors and then conducts a month-long online auction through eBay’s Giving Works program. Bling My Bra started small last year, but managed to raise $3,000 for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer charity.

This year, Bling My Bra is back with a new assortment of creative and sometimes wacky pieces that you can both see and bid on beginning today (Oct. 1).

EBay itself provides a lot of support for the campaign, with several eBay employees involved in creating bras and even CEO John Donahue signing a bra for auction. EBay encourages its staff to help out, and will award an iPad to the employee who brings in the most pledges for the auction.

The photos above show a couple of last year’s more dramatic contributions — a “military support” bra, and the “Bloomin Bosoms” floral ensemble.

You can find out more about this worthy effort by visiting or, more importantly, visiting their eBay auction once it goes live today.

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