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Beautiful Bat collection | Marlies Dekkers Lingerie

Has Marlies Dekkers gone batty?

Hot on the heels of her wildly successful Victorian Vampire Night catwalk show and costume party, the irrepressible Dekkers has found a new way to capture the, um, vampire lingerie market.

The Dutch designer this week beefed up her Victorian-themed fall collection with a new range titled Beautiful Bat. And make no mistake: this one goes right for the throat of the Twilight crowd.

The all-black microfiber collection employs thin leather straps and binding along the neckline or criss-crossed on the chest, with more leather trim on the sides or back of the companion thong, brief or shorts. For the full effect, add some pasty makeup and a suitable pout to achieve the erotically doomed look that would turn Bram Stoker’s head.

So, is this just opportunistic marketing or is there some “authentic” design work involved in Dekkers’ buzz-friendly bat bras and briefs? Good question. The Beautiful Bat line is as stylish as anything else that comes out of Dekkers’ shop, but it will take a certain suspension of disbelief to convince anyone that there’s any gothic design elements involved (excluding the bloodied crucifixes, which are optional and not, strictly speaking, lingerie accessories.)

Dekkers is, however, a very smart marketer, proclaiming the Beautiful Bat line can make you “look as beautiful as the female vampires on Twilight” (which can only mean an “Edward” is sure to follow). She also helpfully provides tips on how to get a vampire look (courtesy of YouTube makeup sensation Michelle Phan) and even how to choose a vampire name.

The Beautiful Bat range is part of Dekker’s women’s collection, which leaves an obvious question: what about all those teens and tweens who are the core audience for Twilight and other vamp fiction? No problem, as Dekkers has also unveiled a junior collection called Daemon (photo gallery below).

We predict this collection will be ridiculously popular. After all, it’s just what all those hormonal little ghouls need to help them endure the dark miseries of youth — in this century or any other!

You can find out more over at These pieces will be very hard to get, so check their list of distributors. And note that the label has just launched an online shop — great news, except I don’t think it ships to North America yet.

Beautiful Bat collection | Marlies Dekkers Lingerie

Beautiful Bat collection | Marlies Dekkers Lingerie

Beautiful Bat collection | Marlies Dekkers Lingerie

Daemon Collection for Girls | Marlies Dekkers 2010

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