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Own A Piece Of Lingerie History With Marie Jo Designer Line
Posted by richard | September 26, 2010
AF Vandevorst for Marie Jo L'Aventure 2010

What will the lingerie of the future look like? And what designer would be bold enough to try to answer that question?

The European fashion world has been buzzing for months about those questions, which are at the heart of an exciting collaboration between Marie Jo lingerie and the Belgian design duo A.F. Vandevorst.

And consumers can now see the results for themselves, after the first designer series under the Marie Jo L’Aventure label finally made it to lingerie boutiques this week. That’s one of the pieces from the A.F. Vandevorst mini-collection in the photo above, and there are more here in our earlier post.

What to look for in these collector’s pieces: minimalist lines, highly architectural construction, layered components, unfamiliar fabric blends, and soft earthen hues. Marie Jo is calling this “a powerful urban chic statement” — which pretty much sums it up.

However, more people will see this collection than wear it. That’s because A.F. Vandevorst kicked off its collaboration with Marie Jo this summer by unveiling a kind of interactive art installation intended to help guide and define the design process.

The “piece unique”, as it’s called, is an installation of three wooden dummies dressed in felt lingerie pieces that could be re-arranged like a puzzle, with everything held together by copper pins.

The piece (photos below) was so admired that Marie Jo is literally sending it on tour through its stores in western Europe this fall, to be followed by an installation at the Antwerp Fashion Museum from Dec. 7-19.

After that, Marie Jo will auction off the “piece unique” in Antwerp, and donate all proceeds to Pink Ribbon, which supports women with breast cancer.

AF Vandevorst installation for Marie Jo
AF Vandevorst installation for Marie Jo

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