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Agent Provocateur | Classics Collection

Agent Provocateur has been getting plenty of attention for its extensive fall collection of erotic intimates, and the series of peephole videos developed to promote it.

It’s been such a successful launch, in fact, that AP is now trying something a bit odd: while other upmarket labels are flogging their new wares and shipping last year’s collection to the clearance bins, Agent Provocateur is putting the spotlight on its back catalogue — a lineup that is so filled with tease-and-please standards it almost feels like a toolkit for seduction.

AP recently reshot much of its catalogue, rebranding it as the Classics Collection, and launched a new video that offers a behind-the-scenes look at the photoshoot and the various styles involved.

What I like about this approach — and why it differs from the Private Tapes series of grainy hotel-room vids used to promote the fall collection — is that it allows nervous nellies like me to get a good sense of how to wear some of AP’s more intricate pieces.

We’re talking elaborate lingerie with straps and clasps all over the place, but only slim threads or slivers of lace to hold them together. This is definitely not something you throw on in the dark while the BF is snoring behind you!

Have a look at the video below and you’ll see what I mean. More important, check out the Agent Provocateur Classics which, all the hype notwithstanding, have been instrumental in moving the high-end lingerie market somewhat beyond anyone’s comfort zone.

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