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Ever dreamed of starting your own fashion line? Well, here’s a ground-floor opportunity to be part of a new vintage lingerie label led by two veteran treasure-hunters with a passion for retro fashion.

Hannah Metz and Elvia Lahman are co-founders of The Loved One, which specializes in vintage fashion curating and consulting for retailers. They also run an online Etsy shop where you can score some of their vintage finds.

Now, the dynamic duo has embarked on a creative mission to launch their own vintage-inspired lingerie label — but they’ll need your help.

To bankroll the project, they posted their endeavor on Kickstarter, a crowdsourcing website dedicated to helping artists and designers finance their creative projects by connecting them with like-minded supporters.

The Loved One has set a goal of raising $4,500 to help pay for materials and labour for their first lingerie collection, due out this fall. To date, a total of 108 friends have contributed $2,725 toward the project — leaving the girls with about $1,700 to raise before the Oct. 3 deadline.

And because they’re just so darn lovely, Hannah and Elvia will send you a little thank-you gift (regardless of how big or small your pledge) to acknowledge your generosity.

Intrigued? You can click here to pledge a donation, learn more about their plans, scope out the pledge gifts — and help get this label off the ground!

Meantime, we can help by telling you a bit about The Loved One.

Although the two women live on opposite coasts, Elvia in Los Angeles and Hannah in Brooklyn, they somehow manage to make it work through loads of communication.

“We send a TON of emails back and forth,” Hannah told LT. “We also take advantage of cheap NY to LA flights and go on extended trips to raghouses together where we find samples and inspiration.”

The pair first met when they were employees at American Apparel — Elvia, the head of the newly formed vintage department and Hannah, her assistant — but it was not until Hannah left Los Angeles for New York that the friendship blossomed into a business partnership.

“When we parted we began plans for our own vintage wholesale company that would include re-fashioned items and, of course, lingerie,” she said.

For a team that has extensive knowledge of the vintage industry (Elvia having worked in the vintage department for companies such as American Rag, Urban Outfitters and Jet Rag), the decision to pursue and launch their own lingerie label is a natural one.

“Elvia had her own line of lingerie a few years ago and is familiar with the process and we had been going through lots of vintage lingerie and silk attire that inspired us to get the ball rolling on lingerie again. We’re vintage lingerie enthusiasts; we can’t help but love it!”

As for the deets on the new label (I know you vintage lingerie connoisseurs are dying to know!), Hannah has informed me that they will be primarily using new fabrics for consistency purposes, though they’ve planned a small run of one-of-a-kind items made from recycled vintage fabrics.

Hannah said The Loved One‘s aesthetic will be “naughty, but playful — something you’d feel as comfy wearing at a slumber party or with mood lighting for your loved one.”

To get an idea of what the finished styles will look like (they admit to drawing inspiration from old Frederick’s of Hollywood catalogs!), the girls have posted images of lingerie samples on the Kickstarter blog that you can look forward to seeing come holiday season.

Once the monetary goal has been met, the design duo is also planning to open an online shop where you can purchase the vintage-inspired undergarments.

And what is it about working with vintage duds that makes these two so enthusiastic?

Hannah summed it up quite simply: “It’s like a never ending treasure hunt, only you’ve no idea what the treasure is — just that it’s going to be spectacular and you want to be the one to find it!”

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