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Amulette Lingerie’s Hidden Charms
Posted by amy | September 15, 2010

Chances are you’ve never heard of Amulette lingerie — but that’s bound to change soon.

Amulette is an exciting young label from Colombia that has just launched a large, imaginative fall collection filled with surprising treasures everywhere you look. The wonderful tie-dye-inspired camisole and matching pant pictured above (it comes in a babydoll and boyshort, too) is just one example of the hidden delights in the diverse Amulette catalogue.

Another piece we loved, and completely different than the rest — the soft white babydoll (below) from the Fiancé range, overlaid with fine lace ruffles and trim and cinched under the bustline.

Fiance_Babydoll | Amulette Lingerie
Fiance_Babydoll | Amulette Lingerie

Amulette arrived on the boutique lingerie scene about a year ago, and it’s an interesting fashion and cultural hybrid. The driving force behind the label is Johanna Isaac, a former fashion buyer who grew up in Paris, studied in New York and eventually became fashion director for the outerwear brand Esprit. Johanna’s pedigree is evident in her designs for Amulette — there’s plenty of sexy French styling details and fine European fabric, a few hints of fit-conscious sportswear, and lots of hipster cool that you’d expect to find on the racks of a Nolito boutique.

What drives the Amulette vision, however, is a sentimental and unapologetic fondness for old-school romance. Their slogan (and it’s a beauty) says it all: “Amulette believes in love stories with happy endings.” Other labels may peddle a phony department-store illusion of romance, but you get the sense that Amulette is truly all heart.

You can get a better sense of the passion and inspiration behind Amulette by browsing through the promotional campaign for the new collection. It’s called, appropriately, Fairyland, and it depicts a variety of forest scenes in which innocent young models dreamily contemplate love and lovers. And not a big bad wolf in sight!

Lucky charm from Amulette Lingerie

The word “amulette” means a small charm, but for Johanna Isaac it’s more than brand. “Amulette focuses on lngerie because it is women’s most exquisite charm,” she writes. “It stimulates self-confidence and multiplies grace.”

And to make her point, every Amulette purchase includes an original “lucky charm” (right) which, according to Johanna, “defeats unhappiness and brings desire, stimulating eternal love.”

Ah, if only everyone believed the same!

Do yourself a big favor and check out this wonderful new label. There’s an online store coming soon, and in the meantime the Amulette website lists the few North American boutiques that currently stock their pieces.

For now, here are a few shots from the fall campaign, highlighting the different lines in the Amulette collection.

Fairyland | Amulette Lingerie FW 2010

Romance collection | Amulette Lingerie FW 2010

Fiance collection | Amulette Lingerie FW 2010

Essentials collection | Amulette Lingerie FW 2010

Enchante collection | Amulette Lingerie FW 2010

Joie collection | Amulette Lingerie FW 2010

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