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Ines Sainz

We all know what Camille Paglia thinks of Lady Gaga these days — but I wonder what the feminist author would think of Ines Sainz?

In case you missed it, Ms Sainz and her pictures have been everywhere the past few days, as the gossip and chat shows feast on the ‘Lockergate’ scandal that made Sainz and the New York Jets front-page news. “Ines Sainz” was the most searched phrase on Google yesterday, followed closely by “Ines Sainz pictures” — indicating only that American football fans are diligently researching the subject before offering opinions.

Sainz is the sports reporter for Mexican channel TV Azteca who complained about being the object of “inappropriate” comments and behavior from Jets players on the weekend after entering the team locker room while reporting on a story. Reports indicate players began “hooting and hollering” when Sainz entered their sweaty inner sanctum.

Since then, and between media appearances, Sainz has accepted an apology from Jets owner Woody Johnson and says she has no plans to sue the team.

We’ll let the brainiacs over at Fox News drool over this story, but we thought it would be instructive to show these pictures of Ines Sainz so readers can get a sense of context here.

Sainz, of course, isn’t just a sports reporter — at least not one of those Walter Matthau-like trolls who typically swarm the free buffet in the press box.

The Spanish hottie is also a widely-known swimsuit model and favorite of men’s magazines in Latin America, where these images originated, and clearly isn’t shy about using her looks to her own advantage. One article recently labelled her “the world’s hottest sports reporter.”

Did Sainz engineer this weekend’s fuss to boost her own profile in the media spotlight? Or was she an innocent victim/object of inexcusably crude meatheads? We’re mum on the issue. You decide.

Ines Sainz

Ines Sainz

Ines Sainz
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