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Wonderbra | Barely News Sept 14

Hang On to Those Avatar Specs
Here’s a lingerie ad that could be seriously bad for your health.

Wonderbra this week erected what is believed to be the world’s first 3-D billboard, near London’s Waterloo station. The 20-foot-wide sign features Brazilian model Sabraine Banado in the iconic brand’s new bust-boosting Full Effect bra.

You’ll need 3-D color-filter glasses to get, um, the full effect, so Wonderbra will be distributing specs through newspapers on the weekend.

Predictably, a few traffic-safety sourpusses are already warning of car accidents that are sure to result when motorists peek at the ad, or when their wives catch them peeking.

Mike Penning, Britain’s Minister of Road Safety, had this to say: “The Highway Code is clear that safe driving needs concentration and motorists must be in proper control of their vehicle at all times. If they are not, they risk putting lives at risk and could face prosecution.”

In other words: Look if you must, but keep both hands on the wheel.

At Last, PETA-Approved Lingerie
Remember Lady Gaga’s meat bikini shot on the cover of Vogue Japan last week — and the full meat dress she wore to the VMAs a few days later?

Well, vegetarian talk show host Ellen Degeneres had the perfect rebuttal.

In a segment taped backstage after the VMAs on Sunday, Ellen presented Lady G with a new outfit — a hand-made lingerie set and matching skirt made entirely of lettuce and other vegetables. “It’s kale!” an excited Lady G responded.

Any bets on whether she wears it?

Cake Lingerie | Barely News Sept 14

Real Mums Love Cake
Cake Lingerie from Australia is pushing forward with its campaign to find “real mums” to model its fetching line of cute maternity lingerie.

You may recall that Cake launched the Real Mums, Real Fit campaign Down Underr last spring, then followed it up in the UK a few months later. Now, they’ve taken the campaign further afield to Finland.

The campaign invites average soon-to-be moms to share their stories and agree to pose in Cake lingerie. No Photoshopping allowed. Those chosen receive a generous helping of the Cake goodies to keep.

The image above shows Johanna Palvianen, one of the four Finnish winners, wearing Cake’s Plum Pudding ensemble. Johanna, 28, is a first-time mum and law student from Helsinki who entered the competition to encourage women to be proud of their curves during pregnancy.

You can learn more about this initiative over at

Miranda Kerr | Barely News Sept 14
Miranda Kerr | Barely News Sept 14
Miranda Kerr | Barely News

Miranda’s Sly Goodbye
Never let it be said that Miranda Kerr doesn’t honor her contractual obligations.

The Victoria’s Secret supermodel and soon-to-be mom makes a somewhat surprising — and demure — cameo appearance in the fall product photoshoot for the VS website and catalogue.

And how do they handle Miranda’s baby bump (which might seem a bit out of place among all those slender cuties in their taunting push-ups)? By carefully shooting her in outfits and poses that obscure her blooming midriff.

The images were likely shot late last month, when Miranda was four months along, and are included in the latest, vastly enlarged collection of Victoria’s Secret teddies, babydolls and similar goodies.

Enjoy these shots, as we likely won’t be seeing much of the world’s favorite Aussie for some time. Miranda and husband Orlando Bloom are expecting their first bundle of joy early in the New Year.

Sarah Palin | Barely News Sept 14

Push-Up Politics
Vanity Fair magazine is getting a relentless battering from conservatives after it published an unflattering behind-the-scenes look at the life and politics of former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin in this month’s issue.

Among other things, the profile quotes someone close to the former Alaska governor of using her lingerie wardrobe — and her womanly wiles — to, um, get her way.

VF quotes the unnamed friend as saying: “Once, while Sarah was preparing for a city-council meeting, she said, ‘I’m gonna put on one of my push-up bras so I can get what I want tonight.’ That’s how she rolls.”

One shudders to think what effect this strategy could have had for Hillary Clinton in 2008.

Excuse Me Ma’am, Is That a Gun in Your Blouse?
Underwire bras are becoming a feminist flashpoint after increasing reports that security guards are ordering women to remove their bras to avoid setting off metal detectors.

In Florida, a female attorney was refused access to the Miami Federal Detention Center because her underwire bra would trigger an alarm. When the attorney removed her bra, she was again denied entry — this time for violating prison dress code rules.

Meanwhile, in Belgium, jail security guards are being accused of using the security checkpoint to force attractive female lawyers to undress. A lawyers’ advocate said the jail is receiving at least one complaint each month from angry female lawyers who have been ordered to remove their bras before entering.

“The metal detection checks seem very difficult to carry out when a pretty, young lawyer or visitor reports to the prison gate,” said Joseph Rowies. “The younger, and the more babe-like, a lawyer is, the more difficult the device becomes.”

‘Grankinis’ Making a Big Splash
What’s the hottest swimwear style these days? If you answered “the grankini”, you’re right.

UK department store chain Debenhams reported this week that sales of bikinis to women over 50 soared 118% this summer, driven by flattering images of older women such as actress Helen Mirren (below) wearing the somewhat skimpy two-piece in public.

Helen Mirren in bikini | Barely News

Debenhams said it polled women customers aged 50 to 65 and found that 71% were ready to trade in their conservative one-piece swimsuits for what the company is calling the latest trend — the “grankini”.

“There are no rules to say when a woman should retire her bikini,” said Sasha Nagalingham, a swimwear buyer for the chain. “Like it or not, a full costume on an older lady instantly says ‘granny’. But wearing a supportive, well proportioned bikini is less aging and accentuates rather than hides natural shape.”

Oscar-winner Mirren was photographed in 2008 wearing a red bikini in Italy, just days before her 63rd birthday — an image that has liberated middle-aged shoppers and inspired designers to find suitable two-piece outfits for an older customer.

“This is not about an older woman throwing on a string bikini and hoping for the best,” Nagalingham said. “Advances in swimwear technology mean that we can now create bikinis that flatter a mature shape.”

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