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Why We Love Damaris: It’s Those Devilish Little Details
Posted by richard | September 5, 2010

Ever wonder why some lingerie designers inspire such fanatical devotion? Or why some boutique labels become this season’s must-have, while others are destined for the clearance bins?

For an answer, look no further than UK cult favorite Damaris Evans, and her newly released collection under the Mimi Holliday label. (The fall collection of the more upmarket Damaris brand should be released in the next week or so.)

Damaris’ exquisite pieces are beautifully styled, original and crafted with precision and care. But the real secret to her success is, quite literally, in the details.

Check out the images above, all taken from the new Mimi Holliday line. Tiny bows, flirty little cutouts, hand-tied ribbons, delicately understated lace trims … these are the small touches that make Damaris devotees gasp.

As one observer put it, there’s no cooler fashion statement these days than having one of Damaris’ colorful little bows “popping out of your low-slung hipsters.”

Read our take on the new Mimi Holliday fall collection here.

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