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Agent Provocateur_Betty Sue video

Agent Provocateur_Betty Sue video

Agent Provocateur‘s recent Private Tapes series of short videos left a lot of questions unanswered. Why were these women undressing in a hotel room by themselves? Who were they waiting for? What happened next?

Well, we have our answers — and they are hilarious, shocking and subversive in the best possible way.

To promote its fall lingerie line, AP today released a new video and with it comes their first “female protagonist” — Betty Sue, a trenchcoat-over-garters femme fatale armed with a video camera and a serious sense of erotic purpose.

Betty Sue is played by ginger-haired model Kirsty Hume and, like the anonymous models in the Private Tapes series, she’s got an elaborate home-video operation set up in what appears to be a hotel suite.

But it’s what she keeps hidden in the next room that reveals the story line. Inside, there’s a handsome young guy dressed only in his undies and, bizarrely, a pair of velvet rabbit ears. What’s she going to do with the trembling boytoy, you wonder? Not much, as it turns out.

After teasing him with a peek at her new AP knickers, Betty Sue locks him in the small room and goes back to her bed — where she watches him perform a striptease on a video monitor and barks out commands with a remote microphone.

The punchline? “Agent Provocateur is the most erotic lingerie in the world … and I use it for MY pleasures.” In other words, sistas are doing it for themselves, if you know what I mean.

The vid is shot by director Johan Renck, who is best known as the director of numerous music videos for Kylie Minogue (herself an AP spokesmodel).

The Betty Sue character is AP’s newest icon of female empowerment — an amazonian sexual control freak with a taste for dominance, humiliation and, of course, voyeurism.

Women, I imagine, are going to LOVE this, precisely because of the cultural and sexual role reversals implied. Let’s face it, if Betty Sue were a man and his subject a young girl, this would be porn.

Now the big question: would you shell out $500 or more on a wicked Agent Provocateur ensemble to please no one else but yourself? If the answer is “why not?”, AP has another huge season ahead of it.

You can watch the video below. And remember, this is meant to promote the new Agent Provocateur collection which is, as always, to die for.

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