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Brulee Lingerie_Boudoir Collection_Cami
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My back is still killing me from my trip in NYC (as I recounted here), but what I didn’t tell you is that the pain I’m suffering is probably also due to the fact that I managed to stuff my entire closet into my suitcase.

Yep, en route to the Big Apple my suitcase weighed 7.5 kg — 9 being the max. I swore to my mother that I needed every item I packed and that I would wear them all, which naturally I did not.

It was only when I returned and opened my inbox to view Brulee lingerie’s fall-winter collection that I realized how much less I could have packed (okay mom, ‘you told me so’).

You see, Brulee’s new collection, apart from being simply luxurious, is the perfect range to travel with. Apart from making you look and feel pretty fabulous in the boudoir, the pieces can transition into everyday wear.

Take for instance the Boyfriend nightshirt: not only can you lounge in it, but it also epitomizes that New York effortless-cool look when paired with sleek bottoms. Not surprising, then, that Brulee designer Kristian Giambi prides herself on creating versatile pieces. And did I mention all the pieces are handcrafted in New York?

The Brulee collection is broken down into various style categories: Classic Collection, Vamp Collection, Boudoir Collection and Black Collection.

Now, if I had the chance for a packing do-over here are four items from the Brulee collection that I could simply not do without:

  • Jersey Legging: Everyone needs a legging and with trendy studs; you’ll want to show these off.
  • Corset Soft Bra: A luxurious silk style that your partner will love as will your sheerest blouse.
  • Silk Bodysuit: Tucked into a high-waisted pencil skirt provides instant sex appeal.
  • Chiffon Shorts: Okay, I admit these are a bit daring, but on a sweltering day they’ll prove indispensable. For fall, add a pair of opaque tights.

To view more of the Brulee fall/winter collection, scope out the images below or visit

Brulee Lingerie_Vamp Collection_Teddy
Soft Corset Bra and Boy Short_Brulee Lingerie_Vamp Collection
Brulee Lingerie_Boudoir Collection_Slip
Brulee Lingerie_Boudoir Collection_Teddy
Brulee Lingerie_Vamp Collection_Cami
Brulee Lingerie_Black Collection_Pant
Brulee Lingerie_Classic Collection_Jersey Legging
Brulee Lingerie_Black Collection_Short

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