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Love Made Me: More Than Just A Pretty Name
Posted by richard | August 18, 2010
Fall Collection | Love Made Me

Love Made Me is a new boutique label out of Vancouver, Canada and, like all indie upstarts, it will face many challenges as it tries to make its mark in the lingerie world.

But Love Made Me launches its first full collection this month with one huge advantage: a truly memorable name that is perfectly suited to the company’s small collection of sweet, romantic intimates.

Think about it: when was the last time you heard of a lingerie label with such a perfect name (although another Canadian line, Blush, comes close)?

But Love Made Me is more than just a pretty name and it’s not exactly a newbie on the lingerie scene, either.

LMM represents the work and vision of designer Tiffany Ho, and is a spinoff of well-known Vancouver label Third Floor Designs, in which Tiffany was a partner.

She began introducing the Love Made Me line quietly last year, and officially launched in early August with a bright new website and online store.

The first thing many people want to know about Love Made Me, of course, is the story behind that name.

“A lot of people ask me why I do this,” Tiffany told us. “It’s because I love it. I put a lot of love into every garment I make. So, yeah, love made me do this.”

In one sense, though, she was destined to become a lingerie designer. When she was just a child, Tiffany wrote out a list of everything she wanted to do in her life, and one item on her list was to work as a retail buyer.

Years later, after earning a university degree in botany(!), Tiffany landed a job as an assistant buyer with a national retailer, which became her springboard into the fashion world.

The LMM collection of seasonless staples includes bra and panty separates, as well as nighties, rompers, robes and similar loungewear pieces. Everything in the collection emphasizes soft, feminine lines and daily wear comfort — you won’t find any pinching wires or stiff straps in this label.

“I love showing off different parts of a woman’s body — the sides, the backs of a woman,” Tiffany said. “We should be comfortable in our own skins. You don’t really need wires and push-ups.”

Word spread quickly this year about LMM’s lovely Lotus nightie and Megs romper (first two photos below), with their adorable flowing ruffles in front — a signature design element that Tiffany has incorporated into some bras and panties in the LMM collection as well.

The new LMM collection is grouped into two themes: “Paris is for Lovers”, a line of ultra-romantic lounging pieces; and “Afternoon Tea at Cambridge Cottage”, a full line of top-bottom separates that features some unique design elements, such as broad lace-trimmed bras and a clever use of super-soft demin in both a cami and bra-panty combo.

All of Love Made Me‘s apparel is sourced and manufactured locally in British Columbia and is available in boutique stores in the area as well. You can also find some LMM pieces on, but the best place to access the full collection the LMM online shop.

Love Made Me has about 40 items in its catalogue, many of which are in the online store now. However, most of images in this article are from the new collection and you won’t actually be able to buy them until September 1 online — so mark your calendar now!

And for the team at LMM, we have this wish: that one day they’ll be able to say, “Love made me rich, famous and happy!”

Lotus Nightie | Love Made Me

Megs Romper | Love Made Me

Fall Collection | Love Made Me

Fall Collection | Love Made Me

Fall Collection | Love Made Me

Fall Collection | Love Made Me

Fall Collection | Love Made Me

Fall Collection | Love Made Me

Fall Collection | Love Made Me

3 Responses to “Love Made Me: More Than Just A Pretty Name”

  1. Tara says:

    I love the new collection of Love Made Me. Kudos to Ms. Ho for her great design esthetic and to you guys at lingerie talk for showcasing great Canadian talent. But I do have to say, for a “canadian content” blog on lingerie, there seems to be a lot of talk about American companies coming to Canada and not so much on the amazing designers we have here in Canada, like Love Made Me. I will anxiously await for more features that showcase Canada as the great designing incubator that it is.

    • richard says:

      You make a good point, Tara. We’d love to hear about more Canadian designers like Love Made Me, so you know of any that we haven’t already profiled on Lingerie Talk, please let us know!

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