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Robert Pattinson

I know many of you Twi-hards are probably salivating after reading the headline above (my Twilight-obsessed girlfriend goes into anaphylactic shock at the mention of anything pertaining to the vampire series), so I’ll give you a moment to compose yourself before reading on.

Good? Okay.

Yes, my Robert Pattinson worshippers, you read it correctly: the tousled-haired vampire has inspired a line of men’s underwear  to be sold at UK chain retailer Marks & Spencer in September, aptly named — wait for it — the R-Pant. I kid you not. 

It appears that Pattinson, who has been photographed buying underwear from Marks & Spencer (see pics below), has piqued the interest of the British retailer’s execs, who are hoping to appeal to a younger clientele with the range of men’s low-rise underwear.

The briefs and trunks are meant to be worn under skinny jeans, and of the slim-fit collection, Richard Beale, head of merchandising of M&S, released this statement:

“Over the last three years we’ve seen an increase in the popularity of hipsters […] The new range is designed to appeal to a younger, fashion-saavy customer.”

Pattinson himself will not be fronting nor endorsing the M&S campaign, in the way that soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo is getting paid to strip by Emporio Armani.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that in my mind that even if the slim-fit range fails to sex-up M&S men’s underwear department, women will buy them just to see if their boyfriends and husbands can pick up a little of that pasty R-Patz allure.

Smouldering eyes and fangs not included.

Robert Pattinson seen shopping at M&S

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