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Le Pink Lingerie | 2010-2011 Collection

We don’t see or hear enough about Brazilian lingerie in North America, which is a shame because Brazil ranks with Italy and France as one of the world’s most lingerie-obsessed cultures. This is the country, after all, that gave us the thong. And Gisele Bundchen. And Adriana Lima … You get the picture.

The images above and in the gallery below are from the Autumn-Winter 2010 collection of Le Pink lingerie, which has a strong retail and mail-order presence in Brazil but requires some legwork to find in the U.S.

Le Pink was probably unamused when Victoria’s Secret launched its VS Pink line a few years back, since it ruined the Brazilian label’s chances of establishing a dominant Internet profile (try searching for “pink lingerie” and you’ll see what I mean!).

Nevertheless, Le Pink has a very strong catalogue that goes far beyond the tiny g-strings and decadently romantic lingerie pieces that many Brazilian labels are known for.

In the gallery below (beautifully shot by NYC photographer Michael Creagh), model Florencia Salvioni reveals the many facets of the Le Pink line: sleek sheer teddies, slinky camis, and some lovely sleepwear options. But the must-have in the collection has to be the bra/thong combination above, with its stunning embroidered straps!

Do some digging to find Le Pink lingerie — it’ll be worth the effort!

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  1. Will Turner says:

    Thank you for spreading the word about Brazilian lingerie. We’re bringing a line of beautiful Brazilian options to the USA. Keep up the good work!

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